May 30th, 2009

Busy as a....

Yup. Oh goodness.

It all started on Wednesday. That night after church Micah and I went over to the Nowlings to help paint the master bedroom. Half-way through the evening Micah went to get us energy drinks so we could make it through the rest of the evening.

Well, unfortunately the energy drink kicked in for me AFTER we were done painting and had gone home. That led to Micah and I staying up until 4:30 am, with us cleaning out our closet AND the half closet-- amazing progress made, let me tell you. I've kind of shied away from the closet since we moved here because it's just so scary- stuff crammed in there that no one knows where it came from or where it goes. I tore everything down, organized it, threw away the junk, place some stuff out to go to the storage unit, and the rest is nicely placed and labeled. I even managed to clear off an entire shelf so I could store my extra food there as a pantry! Neat-o! So that led to things being organized in the kitchen, etc, etc... now Micah and I are doing a complete overhaul of the apartment.

If we are going to be in this place for any longer than we are going to make it bearable. Perhaps even nice?

So armed with only 4 hours sleep, Micah and I left the house the next morning at 10 am and ran errands for the rest of the morning until 1 pm when we went over the the Nowling's new house to help move. I stayed at the new house and unloaded boxes while Micah and Bro. Nowling went back and forth moving stuff from the duplex to the house. Everyone else came over around 5 and 6 after getting off of work and we ended the night with pizza.

Friday Micah and I took care of stuff around the house that we had not been able to get to until then and then went to the Nowling's around five to help transport small items and unload boxes and move the big furniture. Jenna unpacked her books and gave me a huge box of books she didn't want anymore. :D :D :D Friday night ended with grilling out hamburgers, bratwursts, and hot dogs, along with all the fixings. Then Larry, Dallas, Tim, Matt, Micah and I played Halo until 1 when Tim and Dallas puttered out and Larry, Matt, Micah and I kept up until 4 am. It was cool-- we started with 4 xboxes going, finishing the night with three. Larry had brought his projector and was projecting on the window blind of all places! It was CRAZY! The blind was thin and white so you could stand outside and see the projection! Larry reversed the screen and we could have sat outside in the yard and watched a movie- is that crazy or what???

Today was a LONG day---- We were up at 10, with me heading over the duplex to help Bro. Nowling and Joey clean while Micah and Matt headed to the airport to pick up Nate. Fast forward 6 hours and the duplex was pristine white, glistening and squeaky clean. Hard work- but a worthwhile result. Micah and I headed back to the house and spent the rest of the evening there, cleaning up here and there when we found the energy.

So tomorrow is church and family day. :) Grill out, maybe some football---??? Fun after a long, hard week.

Goodnight and God Bless.