May 22nd, 2009

Celebrating Mom's Day

So on Mom's Day, which was nearly two weeks ago (to my shame), we headed out to Eklutna Lake to grill, hang out, and walk down by the lake.

Happy Joey

Micah showing off his fossils from the Kodiak trip

Micah not being normal

"Whatever" Joey

Matt- what are you doing??

Really yummy chocolate cake

Josh just wanted to sleep

Waiting for the steak to finish...

Our one-day pass that we had to pay $5 for, which they didn't take cards so we had to turn around and go five miles back to an ice cream shop, buy ice cream, get cash, then drive back. sigh.

Sneaky Jackie


Jenna taking pictures


Beautiful Alaska

Matt and Jo

The Lake

Some kind of tepee thing

Matt carrying Jo across the mud

Jenna losing her shoe in the mud

The Group, minus a few


Hope you enjoyed them!