May 19th, 2009

Good Morning, World!

I woke up this morning to the sound of grass being mowed--- I LOVE the sound of the lawn mower, especially if someone else is using it, and the smell of freshly cut grass. MMMmmm.

So Micah and I did relatively good yesterday with house cleaning. We washed load after load of clothes, towels, and bedsheets until we finally ran out of quarters--- does anyone else hate paying to do laundry??? especially at $1.50 per load for both washer and dryer?!--- Meanwhile, we packed up winter stuff to be taken around back to the storage unit, which is what Micah will be doing today. Our floor had not been vacuumed in a while because of all the stuff lying around. My first mission yesterday was to clear the bed for washing/drying, load up the bed with all the stuff worth saving, throw around all the trash, pack up the winter items, and throw the dirty clothes into the hallway for Micah to deal with. Once all that was taken care of, I vacuumed the floor over and over again, once again thankful that we have a bagless because otherwise I would have gone through three bags right there. You just can't have a traditional vacuum cleaner in a house with animals, two very sheddy animals at that. Which reminds me- I need to groom Milo later on today.

Once the floor was vacuumed then I could actually sit on it to sort things with getting attacked by pet hair. Yuck. And sort things I did.

We kind of lost our focus come evening, once Matt got home from work- oh well. We distract easily-- but we did NOT watch Hulu during the day, something I am forever proud of. In fact, we even filled out some of Micah's college stuff for his attending this fall! See? We were productive!

Today I need to put away all the clean clothes from yesterday, send Micah for more quarters so we can finish up the remaining 5 loads (ugh!), and hopefully attack the kitchen at some point. Oh yeah! And dust-- we need to dust!

Then at 3 we need to be ready to leave for Mariah's graduation down at the Atwood! Horray for Mariah!!

Our evening will probably consist of some goofing off, but I do need to make dinner :P, something I haven't been doing lately- shocker!- and apply for some more jobs. Sigh. The list never ends.

Okay--- So we only have 4 hours until Grad-time. Byes!