May 15th, 2009

Guns and Grills

So when Momma Peter came into town almost a MONTH AGO (has it really been that long? for shame!), the four of us went up past Wasilla and Palmer way to some airfield, with Brother Nowling tagging along. The purpose? To shoot guns and eat burgers. :D and :D So without further ado.. pictures!

Matt went and shot the middle out of the pigeon!

That's one proud man.

Micah and his new bow

He shot it THROUGH a solid block of ice!

I like guns

Bro Nowling loves guns,too

Micah teaching Mom how to shoot

She hit it!



Mickey Mouse!

Another shooter had a revolutionary-war era pistol--- way cool!

I rock the shottie in Halo, too..

This can was full when we put it up there. It's not anymore!

Hope you enjoyed those! I'll do the others either tonight or tomorrow.