May 9th, 2009

Long, Lonely Night

Okay, so I officially don't like Micah being gone. I spent last night cleaning up around the house, watching tv, and playing video games, pretty much what I've done all week. It's just so boring without him around. There is no one to talk to, nothing to do... so. yeah. The house is quiet. Too quiet. *Shivers* Good thing the animals are here or I would be jumping out of my skin.

It's bum because this is the week that I would be going and hanging out with Heather, but she and Jeremy are gone (lucky them!), Jessa's working in the evenings, Josh and Jackie are buried under school and work, Tim and Larry aren't an option unless Micah or Matt is around, I don't even know where Joleesa is, Matt is off doing his own thing, and the Nowlings are getting ready to move.

Yeah... I miss Micah. And my family. And Emily. No one should spend a Friday night like that, right Em? :)


Sorry.. had some frustration there.

So today... believe it or not, I've actually let work pile up throughout the week so I wouldn't be as bored on Saturday as I was last night. Which means, in about five minutes I'm going to call Momma for our weekly chat + devotions, then I'm going to clean our bedroom, then I'm going to dust the house, them I'm going to unload and load the dishwasher, somewhere in there I'll put a load in if the W/D is empty, I'm going to take a shower (if the water is hot), get ready, go to value village and Fred Meyer's to get stuff for Mom's Day at church tomorrow, come home, maybe grab Kershaw for walk around the lake (will bring a book), hopefully by then talk to Micah.. and that's as far as I've gotten. Yeah...

Okay. Mom time.


Part #2

So today has turned into spring cleaning, too... I'm cleaning out the closet right now. whew.

Need to run to Freddy's so I can get the stuff for tomorrow.



About to...

head out to run errands and probably end up at the Nowlings.

The water heater in our apartment building is not worth a hill of beans (yes, I like my southern sayings). It has enough heat to run either 1 shower and a dishwasher OR a load of laundry and a dishwasher, but never all three at once. And you can forget about getting hot water in the afternoon. Either 11-12 at night, 5:30-6:45 (NOT 7:00) in the morning, and at times, 4:30-5:00 in the afternoon. But try taking a hot shower at 2:30 in the afternoon and you'd better be part penguin. brrrr. I ended up getting a washcloth wet with lukewarm water and washing up with that, then I bit the bullet and stuck my head under the faucet at the sink in order to wash my hair. In a matter of seconds, the water turned from lukewarm to liquid ice.


It's horrible. Absolutely horrible. #1 request for a new place--- hot water!!!!!!!!