May 4th, 2009

Hold the phones!!!

Hello International Blogger #2!!!

Quezon City, Philippines!!!!

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Ah, Monday morning.... graduation, Coast Guard, tears, prayer buddies, and Air Force Parking Lots

This Monday morning opens up with sunshine coming through the window, but a tiny little rain cloud over my heart.


Micah is gone.

Don't worry.. he'll be back!

He's gone to Kodiak for a week for Coast Guard training, and will be back next Sunday afternoon. Man. I wish I could have gone with him, but it just wasn't in the finances. We're trying to work it out so that I can go next year. Hopefully it won't fall on the day of Graduation AGAIN! It seems like every year it is either the week of finals or the day of graduation. That's why I didn't graduate this semester, because Micah would not have made the ceremony. If that is still the case next year then we'll just buy tickets and fly later that evening. Oh well.

It was funny though. The Air Force, for all their precision and attention to detail, does not know how to build a proper parking lot. First of all, we're trying to figure out how to go IN the parking lot, only to discover that the one place we thought you were supposed to go in was barricaded by three road blocks and a dumpster. We backed up, and went in the only other possible way, not knowing if it was innie or an outie. Turns out it was an innie AND an outie with the innie paint worn off.

We park, go inside, wait for all the other Coasties to arrive, I kiss Micah good-bye, walk back to the car, put it in reverse, then in drive, then park.

Uh--- which way do I go? The innie/outie I came in was no longer an option cause the outie way was barricaded. The ONLY other open way had a very distinct "one way" sign... in the opposite direction. Uh. I know I'm blonde and all... but come on! Where on earth is the big "Exit" sign?!?!

I called Micah asking him to come out before I embarrassed myself. Thankfully the airport, such as it is, is virtually empty on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Micah came outside, got in the car, and we drove around the parking lot with him examining the markings on the pavement that I couldn't see from my seat. He finally determined that the one-way STARTED at that point, which meant the rest was a two-way.

Well, what didn't you say that?!?! Seriously. The Air Force has signs for everything else, down to, "Don't Walk On the Grass" and "Duck-Crossing"... but they can't clearly identifying one way/two way???


So Micah got out, came over to my window and gave me a big kiss (yes, mushy stuff, i know), and then he walked out of my life for the next week.

:( And no... we've only talked on the phone once since he left: me calling him just as he was calling me. We seem to do that a lot.

And last but not least... our Prayer Buddies for the next three months!!!

Every three months or so Sister Nowling assigned each VLB a prayer partner, someone to pray for and encourage. Only this time, we're prayer BUDDIES... we're suppose to take that next step and be active in each other's lives.

Micah got Jeremy and I got Heather, so we're both happy with our buddies. We already have dinner parties with each other every month, so this will literally be that "next step". Heather and I already have a girls night in the works for after they get back from getting tan.

What will my Monday be?




This house has not had a good cleaning for nearly a month. My mission, and I don't have a choice not to accept it, will be to clean the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, with progress made to the disaster zone we call our bedroom. Some where in there I need to make snickernoodles for Matt and I think I owe Jenna some as well. Then later on tonight Sister Nowling has requested my assistance cleaning their place in order to get it ready for showing on Wednesday. Well just call me the clean-o-matic.

By the way... Kirby vacuum cleaners get on my nerves. I'll stick with the Bissell thank you very much.


Thata Girl!

Got my final grade in for World Lit: Perfect A!

That's right... the entire semester I did not miss a single day of class, I turned in every assignment, did every reading, and got full credit on all my papers, not so much as 1 point off...

In the end, my grade was 1033/1000, 33 extra points because of some extra credit I did.. "just in case". But I got a full 350/350 on my final paper when the class average was 290. That makes me feel good.

:) Come on Ancient Lit... come on...