April 25th, 2009

Oh me oh my oh me oh why

That's from a Bible Rhyme book about Peter. Or was it Job? Job... Definitely Job.

So tired. So busy. So unmotivated.

I have a ton of schoolwork to do but absolutely no motivation in which to do it.

That's very problematic considering my two papers that HAVE to be written... tests... you can shimmy your way through without much studying as long as you have been paying attention in class most of the semester.

But papers? That's a horse of a different color entirely.

News Blurps:

Sarah and her Mom came into town today to do some shopping so we met up with them for lunch. Yummy and funny.

Tonight Emily had a girls-only party for Katie's b-day and I got to beam in for a video chat with everyone. It was pretty cool, but strange at the same time. I was either the center of attention with everyone watching my every move, or the fly on the wall that everyone forgot was there... fun.. interesting.. but fun...

Tired. Church tomorrow. Sleep right now.


Memories of My Childhood

Mom, do you still have those books? If not, I want to get copies of them for my kids

By Phil A. Smouse

A Jonah Day: Story of Jonah

I Love Ruthie: Story of Ruth and Boaz

Why, oh Why? Oh Me, oh My?: Story of Job

Pete, Feet, and Fish to Eat: Story of Peter

I've kept all of the books that I grew up with as a children. A few years Mom was going to get rid of a lot of them but I begged her to let me keep them for my kids. I mean, come on, admit it, children's literature just isn't what it used to be. All the great books that I grew up with aren't being published anymore. It's next to impossible to find it except as a collector's edition that they want an arm and a leg for.

I kept all my Elsie Dinsmore, Berenstain Bears, Little House (and the other of Carolina, Rose, etc, series), my original charlie brown dictionary and peter rabbit treasury with the original illustrations by Beatrix Potter .... just to name a few. I'd have to go through the boxes to name all of them.

Micah and I have started adding to our collection even more by trying to collect all we can of two series:
1) the Illustrated Classics-- does anyone else remember these? I LOVED them.. started reading them when I was just a little thing, just learning how to read. They were my first taste of the classics. And they were how Brandon learned to read. They had them at the local Dollar Store for a $1 so that was our treat where we usually went to the store once a month or so and each time Mom would get us a new book. I loved those things... and Micah remembers them too, so we're trying to get the collection for our kids (but the hardback editions... we're both rough on books, so there is no telling how our kids will be!) and
2) the Boxcar Children! This was my favorite children's series.. The first book, with them "playing house" always was and still is my favorite of the series. There are over a hundred books in the series.. we have around 40. Yeah.. so still a ways to go. But really, we had gotten a few here and there but struck gold one day while going into Salvation Army. We were cruising the books when we saw a bunch laying on the shelf-- cool! We started going through the shelves and then were piling them together when we looked down and saw an entire crate filled with the Boxcar Children! Gold, pure gold...

I declare, our kids are going to be the biggest bookworms that have ever lived.

With Micah and I as parents, could they be anything else?


P.S-- Next two series I want to work on after these two:

1- The ORIGINAL Nancy Drew books
2- The Trixie Belden series-- does anyone know of these? I have never been able to find them except for in 1 library down in LaFayette, GA, and the ones Mom already had. But I liked Trixie Belden even better than Nancy Drew--gasp!

With the Five Little Peppers and the Bobbsy Twins thrown in for good measure.