April 23rd, 2009

A slave to my school work..


6 pages done, 4 to go.

And only 10 hours to do it in. (And that includes sleep, travel, and work)

But some (cool) news-- I had 101 hits yesterday (Tuesday) with 72 unique visitors and 48 returning visitors.

--- I guess it was the weekly "check blogs" day.

See you again next Tuesday then!

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4:30... that comes twice a day??

Yeah.. AM over here...


But I'm done with the paper. 11 pages, 12 with the works cited.

I am SO tired.

And I have to get up in 3 1/2 hours to shower, print out everything, and get ready for school & work.

The paper isn't anywhere near what I wanted it to be. I just ran out of time. But really, these English teachers are insane. What they ask us to do in 12 pages to them is normal but to everyone else is a thesis paper.

Seriously... how am I supposed to chose 3 different text, each a different genre and a different culture, all with the same image or motif, explain, compare and contrast that image/motif, all the while describing the cultural factors that led to the writing of the text, explain how that text affect the culture, as well as the factors of authorship, in addition to choosing 2-3 different translations PER text and comparing and contrasting the differences between translations, going into detail on major differences for each translation, and explain the qualifications of the translator and how that affected the translating process in addition to the culture of the translator and what affect that had on the translating process and if it attributed any to the development of the text.

All that in 2 weeks from the time we were given the assignment and the time its due (tomorrow), all that in 10-12 pages.

Shew. No wonder I'm exhausted.

Seriously-- I think I got about 8/10 things he wanted... hopefully he'll let the other two slide considering how much detail I put into it.

Oh yeah-- my texts were 1) the Bible (book of John) and the account of Jesus washing the disciples' feet 2) the Odyssey and the part where Odysseus goes past the Sirens and 3) Chinese Poetry by Li Po and a poem about a waterfall.

Oh yeah-- my image/motif was "Water"....

I seriously don't know what grade I will get.

This class is worrying me.

If I do end up with a B after finals (which is ANOTHER essay, btw, I have an 8 page for this class and another 12 page for world lit--- all due in one week.. i know what i'm doing this weekend).. I will be contesting the grade. There is no way I've made it this far with a 4.0 only to lose it at the last second because of a crazy class that I wish I had never taken.

Yeah.. I'm ranting.. I'm tired. Goodnight. See you in 3 hours.


1 + 1 = 2

An hour and a half of sleep+ lots of yawning= very tired

An irritated eye+ one contact in, one contact out= half-blind

Very tired + half-blind = an interesting day



I got another perfect "A" on my World Literature 2nd Paper!!!!

I have my final research paper to turn in, and it's worth 350 out of the 1,000 points. But I'm already at 675+ due to some extra credit I turned in.

So woohoo. That feels good!

Let's hope the rest follow suit.