April 21st, 2009

Sunny with a high of 57

That's 75 backwards for you Relient K lovers out there.

I walked out of our dark bedroom to find all the windows in the house open and the sunlight just pouring in. It looks warm. 57 degrees in April. Hellllllooooo Spring! :D


How awesome is that!

Emily and I just spent the last hour and a 1/2 talking via Gmail chat and.. get this... video chatting!

It's the first time I've used my iSight camera. But Crystal got home and let Emily use her mac so I was able to see Emily!

Man. I miss her.

Do you hear that, Em? I miss you. :)

But it was funny cause she was eavesdropping in on my classes.

She had to go so she could finish her paper and presentation and I could actually pay attention to my class.

But we have a "date" tonight for 4:30/7:30.. then we could actually have the volume on!

Got to love technology.

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With my Geography notebook at least. All that's left is adding some arrows to a diagram and creating a map.

It took a LOT longer than I thought it was going to.. well.. actually.. about the same... I figured in 4-5 hours. It took a little over 5, but that was WITH talking to Emily via video and being distracted for a large amount of the time.

So all in all I'm actually only an hour off my schedule.


Just means I'm going to have to work my little behind off tomorrow.

Not turning in this paper is simply not an option.

But I'm going to get a shower and go to bed so I can wake up early tomorrow (even though I'm calling into work) and get the paper mostly done before photography class and lab.

Too much.. only 9 more days... 6 of them school days... then all this will be over..