April 16th, 2009

It's a wonderful gut thing...

If YOUR nose is stuffy, red, flaky, and dry during a cold... try Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment! Really-- this stuff works wonders! It's intention is to heal your very chapped lips but it's uses go so far beyond that simple task.

Get some of the ointment on your finger and rub it lightly over the dry portions of your nose, making sure to put some directly underneath your nostrils.

Not only does the ointment do the same for your nose that it does for your lips (heals the dryness/chapped) but the vapors actually open up your sinuses, much like's Vick's vapor rubs.

I've carried this tiny tube around with me everywhere since I realized this yesterday morning. In just the past 24 hours I've noticed a VAST improvement in my poor nose and in my new ability to breathe!

So horray for Blistex!

School day. Ancient Lit canceled. I will be spending the time in study hall. Aren't I such a good little student?


Such is Life


We all have them.

Some more than others.

We all have to deal with them.

But some have help.

God is that help.

But it's up to us whether or not we ask for help.

It's hard to ask for help sometimes.

We're stubborn.

We're hurt.

We're prideful.

We're broken.

But God heals that hurt.

He mends the broken heart.

His ways are higher.

Our strength pales compared to His might.

All we have to do is trust.

With trust comes faith.

It only takes a grain of faith.

A little bit goes a long way.

Like a flickering candle in a sea of black.

So faith shines in the midst of disappointment.

I want my faith to be the candle.

I have to believe.

Even when it's hard to believe.

Especially when it's hard to believe.

For that is when the candle shines the brightest.

Let me decrease and Him increase.

Let me stop seeking His will for my life but simply put my life in His will.

I.. will... believe.