April 15th, 2009


First of all, thank you for your prayers... I am feeling better, though my cold is still full-blown, but at least I can breathe out of one nostril, so we have something good, right?

Ladies Retreat for this weekend has been postponed but Momma Peter still had the plane ticket so she's coming in for a visit! :D I'm excited! I haven't seen Mom since Thanksgiving. I'm hoping we'll be able to go get our hair done on Friday since I had requested the time off due to the LR and will be getting off early.

I haven't been able to get my hair done since last August. A) because it's so expensive up here and B) because I'm never off when the salon is open and C) because I have to depend on the guys for rides, so it's kind of hard working out the right schedule.

But Mom goes to a place called Trendsetters, which is a beauty school, so they do it for a LOT cheaper than the regular beauty salons. I just need a trim and layers put back in. That shouldn't be too hard at all.

I tried to get Micah to cut my hair again, or at least trim it, but he refuses to come near my hair with another pair of scissors. Apparently he was traumatized after the last ordeal. Hmm. I thought he did a pretty good job.

Okay. Back to work.