April 6th, 2009

Can someone give me a hand please?

I'm buried under a mountain of schoolwork... schoolwork.. oh, and did I mention schoolwork? It's officially begun finals month.. no, not finals week.. finals MONTH. I have stuff due literally EVERY DAY OF CLASS for the rest of the month.


What's more, church stuff is piling up to. This Sunday is our Sunrise Breakfast and there is so much to plan and buy and set up to get ready for that.

I don't have time to breath, much less blog, so I doubt you'll be hearing much from me except maybe now and then in between classes or on the weekend.

Some sad news... our lens has gone bad. Or gotten old. Or something. It's not wanting to focus properly and everything looks flat. Of COURSE we realize this AFTER shooting the engagement shoot for Jerrod and Michelle...

It's like I was telling Mom when she asked how the shoot went... "It was like a pilot flying through a thunderstorm. In the end you get still get to your destination, but ride was bumpy and you end up a little worse for wear on the other side."

The pictures did not turn out anywhere near the quality that they should have. That's what we get for mother nature, eh? Beautiful Friday (when they met with the OTHER photographer), beautiful Saturday, crappy Sunday, beautiful Monday... of course.. we would get Sunday.

Oh well.... what's meant to be is meant to be, eh?

In some not-so-good news....

Both Micah and Matt lost their jobs on Friday. I'm not going to go all into the details, just know that it was a bunch of office politics. The contract company wanted to make way for people of their own choosing, which meant Purcell choosing a billion-dollar contract over two security guards.

So the job hunting resumed today. Thankfully the recession isn't as prominent up here in Alaska, so there are still some jobs to be found. Through prayer, fasting, and diligence, God will lead us to the one He has in store for us.

In the meantime, that's why we have savings, right? "For such a time as this...."

I spent today praying and fasting for, not God's will for our life, but so that we might place our life in God's will.

That is my whole life's prayer... let me find You.