March 30th, 2009


So I have my second comparison paper for World Lit due on Tuesday. I've been putting it off for the last couple of days, doing mostly reading, trying to wrap my mind around the assigned subject. I finally grounded myself tonight and have written 1/2 of the paper. I plan to finish the rest tomorrow after a short night's sleep and a long day of work, school, and photography lab.

Oh yeah. I have about 6-8 hours worth of lab work to complete tomorrow. I shot my roll of film for my last photography assignment this afternoon. She wanted us to shoot 4 rolls, but come on. I only need five shots. If I have to shoot four rolls to get five shots then I shouldn't call myself any kind of photographer. Besides--- she ain't paying for my film, and this stuff is expensive!

As far as the lab is concerned, I'd just better make sure that I'm wearing comfortable shoes! NO boots or heels!

But back to the paper-- guess the subject.

Go on, guess!




Okay, no one guessed it.

I'm comparing and contrasting the role of the individual and religion in two Indian works, the Bhagavad-Gita which is listed as the second most inspirational work after the Bible, and Pancatantra, which is the most widely translated piece of Indian literature.

It's interesting (oh how I hate that word) because I'm having to do all this research and writing on the Caste system and the Hindu religion, Karma, Reincarnation, and Yoga (and not the wii fit kind). I know more about the Hindu religion than I'll ever need to know. It has some good points here and there, but nothing more than "be nice to people"... too much weirdness otherwise. But it does have historical and cultural merit, which IS interesting (there's that word again!).

So. It's 1 am. I am going to SLEEP!

And I still have to finish Jerrod and Michelle's pictures. It's been a whole week. But I told her this week was busy due to school so that it might take an extra week. She was cool with that.


So yeah...

My photography assignment? It's of a sequence.

My sequence: The Making of a Cupcake

Yeah, I know.. it sounds cheesy. But it turned out really cool, better than the typical full plate of food/empty plate of food or murder/hit-and-run sequence, at least for me. It's playing a lot with textures, contrast, composition, and symmetry.

I had tested beforehand with the digital camera so I knew what angle/exposure/zoom I wanted, so once it came time for the film camera, all I had to do was set it the same, shoot, then shoot five extra frames for camera-to-camera variables. Presto- one roll of film instead of four.

Got to love being thrifty.



I'm at work.


Michelle is out today.
Laurie is out today.
Yumi, Ki, and Harrison don't come in until the afternoon.
Dr. Ra hasn't come in yet.
And Stephanie just left for class.

So, technically I am in charge right now. But I'm a student worker.
Stephanie (who is the office manager) hopes that Dr. Ra won't have something
to say about me being a student worker left alone. After all, it's not like
there were a lot of alternative choices.

But yeah. This is one interesting more. Yes, in this case the word does fit.
It's just strange. First of all, my usual log-in won't work on the
receptionist computer, in fact NONE of the log-ins were working. I was
finally able to log in with Michelle's password/username, which pulled up
HER old account for this computer, the one that has access to the database
and that's about it. But really, that and Excel is all I need. But it was
trippy for the first hour and a 1/2 cause I couldn't DO anything. I was
literally just twiddling my thumbs. I had filled all the paperwork on Friday
and everything else had to be entered into the database before being filed.
Finalyl at 9 o'clock the enrollment office opened up and I was able to take
some student forms to be registered for classes.

So I'm "in" right now- but quickly running out of stuff to do. I was
supposed to contact the prospective students for our April short courses but
I don't know if I feel comfortable doing that without a supervisor/higher
authority here.....

Oh wait! Dr. Ra just came in. Okay, now everything is good! (I hope!)



I think I'm coming down with a cold... I'm popping Zicam every three hours,
drinking plenty of fluids, and praying.. so between the three we should be
able to knock this thing out of the park.

Which reminds me-- testimony!

Yesterday morning I woke up, got ready for church, and began to put in my
contacts. The only thing was, they wouldn't go in. As soon as I put them in,
my eyes would start to burn and the contact would dry out. My eyes felt
gritty, like I had something in them.

Micah and I both chalked it up the volcano. The ash is so fine that they
warn you about wearing contacts since it can get underneath your lens and
scratch your eye. Same reason they tell you to be careful with cameras and

I ended up going to church without contacts in, which meant I could see
about a foot in front of me, and after that, nothing but blobs. I could make
out the general shapes and colors of objects, which, between that and the
voices, was how I was able to tell people apart. It was slightly
disconcerning cause I had to do my SS devotional without reading anything
and not really looking at anyone either, just blobs.

Sad thing was, I couldn't read aloud during SS and I like doing that!
Phooey. Stupid ash.

But we prayed for my eyes during prayer time. Not only did it hurt, but I
had a paper to write, and the photography assignment to shoot. I NEEDED MY

Micah and I got home and I went into the bathroom to try attempt #15,
praying all the while.

I opened my eyes, lifted up the contact, and in in went! No problems! No
pain! Nothing!

Ah, the power of prayer.