March 23rd, 2009

This is going to be interesting

In ancient lit we're back to talking about the Bible, except this time about the New Testament, Mark in particular. It's going to be interesting in the fact that we have a new teacher this time. While he's far from a believer, Dr Kline does have a Master of Divinity in Biblical studies, has studied both the Old and New Testament extensively, in additional to studying the original Greek and Hebrew. Basically he's done what Dad and I have always wanted to do. But what we do out of faith, he does out of pure desire for knowledge.

If you remember, last time we discussed the Bible in class I grew very upset and felt as though my faith itself was being ridiculed. From what he has said so far, I'm hopeful that Dr Kline will be more respectful of my faith and beliefs. You wouldn't catch a public school bad-mouthing Islam or Buddhism, that would just be intolerable. But Christianity, oh that's wrong from the beginning, intolerant by its very existence. Hmph. Just be in prayer please.

We're supposed to discuss the issue of faith and how it's influenced cultural change. Dr Kline said that although we're not going to debate faith/doctrine, especially since some "do believe in the Bible", it must be recognized the affect that faith has in the interpretation and application of literature as doctrine and beliefs.

So. All in all, it should make for an interesting day.

Lord help me to defend my faith and be a witness for and of you, without alienating my class or getting kicked out of school. Basically, I'd appreciate some of that wisdom, please.


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