March 22nd, 2009

My eyes! My eyes!

I need ya'll to pray for my eyes, please. Friday night while Micah and I were at Tim and Larry's for our Xbox night my eyes started getting dry so I used some eye drops to try and give them some added moisture. Now, I've used these eye drops on several other occasions without ill effect but always in small amounts. That night I must have used more than the recommended amount or something because within a few hours my eyes had dried out completely and had fogged over to the point where I could only ten feet in front of me.

As soon as I got home, I took out my contacts and went straight to bed, trying to give my eyes some much-need rest. Apparently, that wasn't enough. By morning my eyes were red and irritated, dry as a bone, and fogged over even more. I got up several times during the early morning to flush out my eyes with cool water, but it was the third or fourth rinse before I noticed the fogging begin to dissipate.

I told Micah that it was times like this that I wished I had a pair of glasses in addition to my contacts. Next time I go to the eye doctor.....

Since Micah and I had stuff to do yesterday and I couldn't play the blind woman, I had to put in my contacts. The fogging was gone and I was able to see clearly enough, but my eyes were still red and irritated and quite dry. Throughout the day I had to take out my contacts, rinse them, flush out my eyes, and put them all back in.

I'm hoping that it didn't contaminate my contacts, which would explain the growing irritation over time. That would be highly inconvenient, especially since this is my last pair of contacts.

But my biggest prayer is that I didn't permanently hurt my eyes. I don't think I did... but there is that foreboding feeling, you know. So if you could just offer up a small prayer for that....

thank you.

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