March 20th, 2009

We didn't know what we were missing

So last night Micah and I have scallops.


We didn't know what we were missing.

Seriously--- it almost if not actually does top salmon.

Micah declared that he had a new favorite seafood.

They're tender and flaky, literally melting in your mouth. They don't taste
fishy at all, but have this smooth buttery flavor and absorbs surrounding
flavors quite nicely. I have mine with the ginger cream sauce (remember the
one I wanted to take a bath in?).. that sauce plus the delicious scallops...
yeah.. that was one good meal!

I brought the leftovers with me to work for lunch.. woohoo!

Next time Micah and I are doing an at-home fancy night, we're planning on
cooking those babies up.


I'm so glad I have taste buds. They were made for moments like these.


I think we liked it...

So I was going to post a review for Sacks on google maps, but it ended up
being too long, go figure? So I thought I'd post it here instead:

My husband and I were looking for an intimate, yet fun place to eat at
before seeing Annie at the Atwood Concert Hall. We wanted to stay in the
downtown area so we could walk between locations. I did some searching and
discovered this gem of all gems: Sacks.

Located just one block over from the theatre, it was conviently located
close to all major shopping/entertainment/attractions. There was ample
parking at 5:30, allowing us to park just across the street.
As soon as we walked in the restaurant we were met with how alive the place
felt. Vibrant colors, sounds, and textures made the place very different
from most fine dining restaurants that have dark colors and candlelight.
While I appreciate the ambience of candlelight as much as the next person,
it was refreshing to be able to sit at the table across from my husband and
actually be able to see him due to the natural light combined with subtle
highlights. And yes, there were candles on the table for that added

The atmosphere was very nice with a variety of easy listening music playing
in the background, loud enough that it compliment the atmosphere but soft
enough so that we could still carry on a conversation. The walls were lined
with original artwork in vibrant hues, including mosaics of fish and other
creatures made of bits of covered glass.

As soon as we sat done, our waiter approached and presented us with the
specials and daily menu. Yes, the menu is actually customized to the day,
with ever-changing entrees and specialities.
Since our reservations had been made for 5:30, we arrived in time for the
"Early Dining Specials" for 5:00-6:00 which included 1/2 price appetizers.
Upon seeing this we ordered the crab and scallop cakes, along with an iced
tea and cream soda. Our drinks arrived in a surprising, yet pleasing manner.
My cream soda was still frosty in the bottle, with a unique glass for me to
pour into while my husband's iced tea had an empty glass of its own along
with the tea in a small decanter and sugar for self-sweeting.

Our crab-scallop cakes were brought out within 10 minutes along with fresh
bread, olive oil, and butter. The cakes were perfectly browned, warm on the
outside and inside, flaky and savory with just the right amount of spices.
It was served on a rectangular plate with a homemade hot sauce drizzled
among diced tomatoes on the side. Cool guatamole graced the center to
provide a mixture of both textures and temperatures.

We ended up eating two baskets of the bread, which was seasoned with herbs
along the crust while the inside remainded soft and chewy.

For our main entrees we ordered the Half Rack of Lamb and the Chicken and
Sea Scallops. (you can find the description of both of these on Sacks'
website menu). The dishes came out perfectly timed from our intial
appetizer, allowing the appetizer to settle and ourselves to grow just a bit
hungry again.

The dishes were presented beautifully, elegent and refined, with just a bit
of playfullness, which perfectly describes Sacks as a whole. The lamb was
cooked to perfection, brown on the outside with tinges of pink in the
middle. It was served along with a scalloped potato dish, port reduction,
and the best al dente asparagus that I've ever tasted.

Meanwhile, my chicken and scallops was divine. The scallops alone would have
made the dish a sucess as they were beautifully cooked and presented along
with tender chicken, mushrooms, and a ginger-soy-cream sauce that made me
want to pick up the bowl and lick it clean. The sauce itself became the
highlight of the dish as it complimented all the elements, and even tasted
good along with my husband's lamb.

Altogether, the flavors were complicated, yet layered. They met together in
harmony creating one of the best dishes I've ever had the pleasure of

We even managed to save room for dessert, a vanilla creme brulee that made
our mouths start to water as soon as our server annouced it the special of
the day. And special it was. The hard carmelized crust was warm and crunchy
while the vanilla pudding remained cool and sweet. On top was a homemade
whipped cream with a mint leaf that was literally the icing on the cake.

All in all, we have found our new favorite restaurant. Sacks: A place to
relax, enjoy a good meal, and truly appreciate being alive.