March 19th, 2009


Tonight is our date night! Since Micah works 2 weeks straight out of the
month where the only time we see each other is for the hour in the mornings
when he takes me to work. As such, we've decided to implement a mandatory
date night in the OTHER two weeks that we DO spend together. Keep romance
alive and all that jazz.

As far as tonight is concerned, Micah will be picking me up from school at 4
at which time we'll go home to finish getting ready in hopes of leaving at
4:45 for our 5:30 dinner appointment at Sacks, a newish fine dining
restaurant downtown. At 7:00 we'll walk over to the theatre where we'll see
the Broadway Production of.... ANNIE!!! Yep. Little Orphan Annie. This has
always been one of my favorite productions and.. get this... MICAH HAS NEVER
EVEN HEARD OF ANNIE!!! :O !!! So yeah. We're both excited.

Hopefully I'll have more news later!

Only a B, but it has redeeming qualities.

So I had my geography midterm on Tuesday and he gave them back to us today. I got a 42/50, which is not what I would have liked, but hey, we'll work with it. Out of 5 questions, I got two perfect 10s, one 8, and two 7s. The thing is, I expected the 7s because there were just some details I didn't know. I'm at least thankful that the midterm was done short answer style because it allowed me to explain enough that it kept the point value up.

The good news is that he is grading on a curve, so everyone will get an extra 2-3 points, which will bring my grade up to a 45 which is an A! Woohoo.

The second good news is that I'm at a perfect "A" so far in World lit. 280/280. Only 720 more points to go.

Class time.


A good night, but it's late

We had a terrific time tonight. Sacks down on 4th and G was superb! We had an appetizer of scallops and crab cakes, then Micah had the rack of lamb while I had scallops and chicken pasta with this ginger/soy/cream sauce that was so good I wanted to take a bath in that sauce! (Lorelei line) Then we had creme brulee for dessert.

Annie was... terrific... awesome.. hilarious... inspiring... and flat out amazing! Really, if any of ya'll live in Anchorage it is well worth the money. Micah and I wouldn't mind going and see it again, but there's just not time for that before he goes back on duty so we'll just have to be content with the movie.

There was one little girl, just 7 years old, that played the role of Molly. She was a show-stealer! Cute as a button and upstaged even Annie. Just adorable. Reminded us of Abby. We've declared that we want to put an order in for an Abby when we have a daughter. Well, Molly cinched the deal.

Okay. time to sleep. love to all.