March 18th, 2009

Change of Plans

So Dr. Ra has changed the nature of the position that I was going up for.
He's taking away the short courses part, which was the main speciality I was
going for, and assigned that to the exisiting admin assistant and instead
made the position a high-level grade with an emphisis in advertising,
marketing, and promotion.

Yeah. Know a bit there, but no where NEAR the level that it requires.

So, basically I'm no longer eligiable.

Guess my wool got wet.

And then dry again when I was informed yeterday that the department will not
be keeping a receptionist over the summer, which means as of May 1st, I am
out of a job.

The GOOD NEWS is that I will be getting resounding recommendations from the
department, Dr. Ra, and Michelle. And since I have all this admin experience
under my belt, as well as the fact that I'm already working within the
university system, I now am eligible for the countless other university
positions avaliable. Everything starts opening up in another month or so, at
which time I'll be submitting my resume all over the place. The intended
result is to secure a higher-paying admin/assistant position, much like what
I'm doing now, except without the receptionist slate and more student
interaction as that is what I love most about this job-- helping the people.
I shouldn't have any trouble whatsover. But it's all in God's hands, right?

So I'm excited about what the future holds!