March 17th, 2009

The beginning of things...

Over the last few months Micah and I have been trying to get things together to start this photography business of ours. We've been getting the equipment a little at a time, as the extra money comes in. (That's basically what my job has been for) We've been pricing and budgeting the bigger items, waiting for that all-powerful tax return.

Meanwhile, I've been working on the website and if all goes well it should be up and running by the end of the week. I'm just fixing the cosmetic details and tweaking a little here and there. I tell you what, web design is FUN FUN FUN!!!

Well, on top of that, we have.. drum roll please... our first booking!!! A co-worker is getting married in June and would like us to do her engagement portraits. If that goes well (and her mother-in-law who is paying for the pictures likes our work) then we'll get booked for the wedding as well. Wahoo! Seriously-- how exciting. And yes, it's PAID! :)

So, Micah and I are excited, as can be expected. Hopefully this is just the start of many, many more events just like this, if not better.

So far, life is good.

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Oh my

I just found out that my Ancient Lit teacher, Mrs. Moore, was in London over spring break and had a seizure which made her fall and break both her shoulders. She's in a hospital in London right now and will be undergoing surgery tomorrow. Please be in prayer for her. She's apparently alert, bored, and frustrated. Since her shoulders are broken, she can't even move her fingers, which, for a writer, is horrible. The talk is that they will be replacing her shoulders with plastic replacements, such as with hip replacement surgery.

As far as what this means for my class.. we're getting a replacement teacher, the only other professor at this university who has a specialty in ancient literature.

So this shall be interesting. Be in prayer for her and for our class.