March 13th, 2009

Congratulations, it's Friurday!

In other words, a Friday that feels like a Saturday! Today is the last "official" day of Spring break, and the University holiday of said time. Even though classes were closed, I've been working all week, except today. Today is my day of rest.


The past Weekends have been met with running here and there and everything in between. In fact, I can't remember the last time I had a "Lazy Day." As such, today was going to be that day for me.

Micah wanted to go snowboarding, but I wanted to stay home, so he's off at Hillberg, the ski resort on base (Fort Elmendorf) that exclusively for military personnel only. I remember Heather saying this past Wednesday that Jeremy was going snowboarding Friday (today), so Micah's hoping to meet up with him.

Meanwhile, I have the house ALL to myself, another thing I haven't had in a long while, at least, not during the daytime. I've already called home and chatted with Mom and Tyler, with Dad calling out in the background. That, and I've cleaned our new-and-improved living room.

I WOULD have taken some "Before" pictures but there WASN'T ENOUGH LIGHT even for that! Seriously, this place was as dark as a tomb and felt like a dungeon. The fact that it's downstairs in the literal basement didn't help much.

My revulsion has been growing these past few weeks until I couldn't take it any longer. I needed light. I needed clean. I needed organization. I needed this to feel like Home.

Wednesday Micah and I had gone to Walmart to see about getting some of the $20 bookcases. There were none. We had gotten one about a month back for our room, and apparently it was the last one, period. So no help there.

Yesterday we went to Target to see what they had. They did have some fine quality piece that were $40 and actually would have been quite a deal, but still not quite what we had in mind. In the end, we decided to just have Micah build me custom bookcases! I love having a crafty husband! Though at times I may confuse him with a mail-order catalog. Hehe. I've lost track of how many times we've been walking through a store and I've said, "Oooo. Honey. Build me that!" Most of the times he replies, "Yeah, that wouldn't be too hard," but there have been a few times when he looks at me like I've grown a second head. come on, like a 8-piece dining room set is that hard.... ;)

Anyway. While looking down one of the aisles Micah noticed the same type of wire cubes that we already had at home.

Now, these black cube things are THE BEST $20 I've ever spent. I have used them for everything from the pantry to the closet to the living room. We had brought them along with us to Montana and I go Bek hooked to the point where she took some of my sets and got me some replacements, remember, Bek?

When researching storage units, I had thought of these cubes, but couldn't find a place in Anchorage that sold them. I had even looked at but it said that they weren't sold in stores. Oh well.

But apparently they are sold in stores cause Micah found them! And not just the 4 cubes for $15 like they're usually priced, but 6 for $20!!! WAHOO! We got two sets and put them together that night. Now, instead of all of the household shoes being in piles along the wall, they're nicely organized in appropriate cubes/shelves. Instead of our movies being stacked to the ceiling, they're organized according to type and genre in four cubes, while the bottom two cubes holds Matt's free weights.

Now instead of being a mess, the living room is looks like a home. There are pictures on the wall, dedicated areas, a place for everything and everything in its place. And remember that light issue? Not anymore! Micah and I brought the lamp that we received for a wedding gift out of storage and put it up on the left side of the room and oh the difference it makes. We actually had enough light to see last night! It was great! And the best part is, that lamp doesn't glare! The old lamp is in the only place it can go but it shines directly on the TV screen, making it so that we have to turn it off whenever we play a game or watch a movie.

Not anymore. The new lamp is in such a position that it lights up the room without reflecting off the TV at all!

Yes. I am happy. And excited. And... yeah. I feel good.

I even organized the hall closet.


In other news:

Micah and I are babysitting Lillian tomorrow! We'll even get a chance to feel the torture side of parenthood as Jeremy and Heather are dropping her off at 7 am! yes. In the morning. On a Saturday.

Another reason why Micah and I slept till 10 this morning.

But we're both really excited. Lillian is a doll and we've been aching to get some one-on-one time. Horray.

Tonight is Jenna's birthday part which makes today her birthday. So, without further ado...


(I hope you like what we got you--- you'll get it tonight.. exciting!)

We're all meeting at the Nowling's tonight for her party. Micah and I are stopping on the way to get energy drinks.. this is going to be one wild night. Hehehe.. m&m on caffine..... mwwhahaha!!!

Okay. time to go clean so more.


Enjoy your Friurday!

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