March 9th, 2009

Photography Assignment #2

For my second photography assignment I was to portray fantasy/dream/memory. I decided to swing completely towards the fantasy side of things and do a period-costume sort of Snow Queen themed photo shoot.

First I needed a model, um... Codi? Please? PLEASE? Pretty-please? Pretty-please with sugar on top?

Then I needed a dress, Value Village, here I come! (Thanks to Matt for actually finding the dress!)

And lastly, needed a good day to shoot.

Eh... never got that.

Both days I went out to shoot on it was sunny in the morning then took a turn for the worst by the time I actually got home from work/school in the afternoon. Still, the show must go on, right? In the end, the shots turned still turned out good but poor Codi's expense. She was SOOOO cold. She would stand there and do the shot then we'd wrap her up in a coat, shove coffee in her hand and let her warm up while I got the next shot set up.

So thank you, Codi, for being such a great model.
And thank you, Matt, for being a good prop guy and all-around handy man.

I took all the shots I needed with the film camera, but I wanted some digital shots so I could play around with the editing and actually USE the end result, you know? I only took about a 1/5 of what I took with the film camera, but you should get an idea of what I was going for: