March 2nd, 2009

Signed, Sealed, and Submitted

So I finally got my midterm and the third of my three total essays finished and submitted last night/this morning about 1 am.

That's why I'm yawning as I write this.

I have photography today, and I actually have something to do this time since the photo shoot on Saturday! Hey, I know it's only developing... actually, it will be developing AND printing since I'll need to do both today since I don't know if we'll have access to the lab over spring break, and come on, who wants to do schoolwork over spring break?

Thankfully, the two classes that DO have midterms (not every one does, you know) has them both before Spring Break, so I don't have to study that week. Woohoo! I'd like to work a little bit during SB, but only the 20 hours, so probably a full day on Monday and Tuesday, then a half day on Wednesday. As it is, we already get Friday off automatically at the office, so I'll probably see about taking Thursday, too. I'll know at the end of the week.

Alright. Time for work. Just so you know, I'm sleeping when I get home!


Please help me pray

So one of the girls here in the office has gotten a position in another
department of the university, and Michelle has "unofficially" offered me
first bidding on the position.

Oh boy.

If I *were* to take the job, it would as the admin assistant/short course
director, etc, etc, etc... from what I can tell, it's a "made-to-fit"
position where I would be given the duties that I perform best. There a
GREAT benefits, health, dental, life, etc. The cherry on top is that I
can take up to 6 credits a semester free and Micah can take AS MANY as he
wants to... all free. Not even frees/taxes.

Wow. That's a perk.

What's more, the starting pay is between $15.00-16.00 which is nothing to
shake a stick at. Basically, working full time I would make the same amount
of money in 1 week than I currently bring in all month.

What to do.. what to do.. I really love this job, the office, the staff. I
WANT to stay on after I graduate in May, but at the same time I want to make
the decision that is best for Micah and I both, as well as the family that
we might start.

Please help me pray. Ideally I will give my answer by the end of the week.


You have got to be kidding me

Dr Moore expected too much out of the midterm. Yeah, it was open-book, but we only had an hour and a half to complete it in, what did she expect??? I shared the topics with Michelle today and she agreed that these were thesis-level, or at least final paper subject matter, not something you can spew out in the 30 minutes allotted.

Yet overall I was given a 27/33. What?!?! That's a B+ and that's crazy. She made notes about how such-and-such wasn't in-depth enough and how how this wasn't focused enough or contained generalities rather than specifics.... She even had the gall to say that in the essay on the two genres that I should have left Zeus out of it as it was a "not part of the genre, but the culture"... um, excuse me, you said to describe what it would be like if it was a GREEK tragedy. If she had said just a tragedy, fine, leave that out of it. But you can't separate a culture from a cultural specific genre. The Greeks invented the tragedy, and as such there are certain aspects which cannot be separated from the works. The GREEK tragedy focused on a hero-- I mean, come on, she's the one that pounded into our heads what a Greek hero was... I just transferred that to the Chinese, like she wanted us to.

And what's this about them not being in-depth enough???

Good grief! Each of the essays were 2 1/2 pages long! And not a one was under 600 words! How much more can you get for a supposed "in-class" essay?

I don't like this class. And I don't like the teacher.