March 1st, 2009

It's tough!

My midterm, that is. I'm only supposed to have an hour and a 1/2 to write 3 essays and man! It takes me and hour and a half to just write one!

Get a load of these questions:

Question 1: Common themes in different literary traditions:
(Choose one)

1. In Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes, the chorus sings vividly of the horrors of war. Compare the Greek understanding of war as expressed in this passage to that of the Hebrews expressed in Exodus and Lamatations. Is war in these two cultures essentially the same experience? If it's different in some ways, what are they? (I chose this one)

2. In the excerpt from Aeschlus' Prometheus Bound, the marks of civilization as the Greeks conceived it are listed extensively. Compare the Greek idea of civilization with the Chinese as exemplified by the Chine poets we read. Does "civilization" mean the same things to both? (I couldn't even understand the poems that she listed and how they related to the concept of civilization!)

Question 2: The influence of genre on content:
(Choose one)

1. What differences would result if the story of Ching Ko's assassination attempt were presented not as a narrative but in the form of a Greek tragedy? For instance, when would the action begin, which characters would have speaking parts, what would be the identity and role of the chorus?

2. What differences would result if the story of Antigone's conflict with Creon were part of the text of Genesis? Since the chorus and stage effects are unavailable, what would take their place in the prose narrative?

(I haven't started on this one yet but I'll probably do the first one as not to risk "rewriting" the Bible-- dangerous ground there, even in a comparison study.

And I don't have access to the third question yet, but if it's anything like the first two it's going to be doosy!

Ya'll won't be here much from me tomorrow.
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