February 28th, 2009

Productive, yet fun, day and I'm STILL procrasinating!!!


Micah was supposed to take Jacob to the airport this morning to catch a flight to Bethel so I went along as we planned to go see the Fur Rondy parade afterwards. Well, we got to the Grants only to discover that Nathan had missed the flight out of Montana and wouldn't be coming at all! That meant no plane ride for Jacob. We said our goodbyes and started to leave when I asked Micah if he thought that Jacob might like to come along to the parade with us, after all, it's better than sitting at home, that's for sure! We cleared it with Brother Grant and then Jacob jumped in the car along with us and it was off to the Fur Rondy! (After stopping for coffee so Micah could stay awake!)

The parade itself was really cool. I had brought along the our Canon 40D (digital camera) so that we could take some good pictures of the parade. In the end I think I ended up with 600 or so. All that in two hours!

There were not as many floats as I'm used to down south. There, the ratio is 60% floats, 30% antique/specialty vehicles, and 10% Ms. Whatever. Up here, it's 20% floats, 40% antique/specialty vehicles, and 40% Ms. Whatever. Seriously, I don't ever think I've seen that many sashes outside of the Parade of Nations! It was crazy. Thankfully it was really, really cold and snowing so everyone was bundled up in fur coats and whatnot.

One thing we saw in this parade that we had never seen before, even down south (surprisingly enough)... tractors! They had about a dozen tractors from the mini child's size tractor to the huge granddaddy that would make an AWESOME tire swing! There were a bunch of John Deer so I made sure to take pictures for Kasey!

After the parade had done on for about an hour and a half or so, our feet started getting really cold so we walked up a little way and ducked into JcPenney for warmth and to avoid frostbite! That poor sales associate just stood there as this whole troop of people stomped in with their snowy boots and chattering teeth. I'll tell you some good marketing though, guess what they had by the front door... you guess it! Hats, scarves, and gloves! Hehehe... that's like when Walmart puts the umbrellas right in front of the checkouts when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

About this time it was getting onto noon and our stomachs were growling (no breakfast, no time) so we went to the Snow City Cafe. It's this really great restaurant that we only get to eat out when we come downtown, in other words, for "special occasions." The place was packed, as always, and we had to wait 20 minutes, which was quick compared to most times. But even the long wait was totally worth it as the food was amazing, as always. Really, there's no way to describe it, even for me, but I'll try. I had the Cowboy Meatloaf Sandwich with the Seafood Chowder soup-of-the-day. Mmmmmmm. The portions were huge so none of us were able to finish our meals, in fact, the other half of my sandwich came home to be my dinner!

Micah was the crazy one, though, as he ordered a custom omelette with six ingredients, just don't ask me to list them all. Needless to say, he finished every bite.

After lunch it was time to head home so Micah and I dropped Jacob off at his house and then head home where Micah went straight to bed. Meanwhile, I got together what I would need for later in the afternoon when I would have the photoshoot with Codi.

My current photography assignment is dream/memory/fantasy where we can pick any topic or combination of topics to shoot in order to end up with 3 submissions at the end. It's due in about two weeks, which means I needed to get some things shot this weekend so I could develop on Monday and start printing on Wednesday as it takes a whole lab session to do one print usually. Yet, with Codi as my model, our hectic schedules have not worked together this past week so today was the first day that we were able to do anything.

When I woke up this morning and saw that it was snowing, I was afraid that it would ruin my shoot, but then I realized, hey! falling snow, cool! This meant that I could do a whole different level of scenes! But first, we had to get Codi ready.

For my topic I decided to go with "Fantasy" and decided to do the Narnia-style scenes with a snowy world and period costumes. Well, I had the snow, just needed the outfit. Where else to find a great costume really cheap but Value Village (the northern equivalent of Goodwill)! Matt, Codi and I headed over to try and find something that would work but alas, the selection was small and everything was just too short on Codi. Then, God bless him, Matt pulled out a dark blue velvet empire-waist dress with this long flowing hem and puffed upper sleeves with the narrow, tight lower sleeve. It was perfect! Really, think "Pride and Prejudice" style costumes and you'll get an idea. I sent Codi into the dressing room to try it out and immediately we knew that it was the perfect dress. It fit her perfectly (she has the perfect frame for empire-waist, lucky!) and the dark blue would provide a nice contrast against the snow. It was really long on her, reaching down to her ankles, which I did not think that we would find. We found a strand of pearls that we put on her head like a crown and then later wove them through to provide a contrast against her dark hair.

In the end, she turned out EXACTLY like I wanted her to look like. She looked like she belonged on the set of one of these fantasy films, which was perfect! (What was even more perfect was that I got all that plus a cookbook for less than $20-- love VV!) The dress, as it was that velvet, was warm enough for her to be outside without getting frostbite, would show the snowflakes nicely, but wouldn't show water spots. Like I side, perfect!

We ended up shooting for about an hour and a half before we lost the light, so I'll have to finish up this next week. As it is, I was able to shoot one whole roll and half of another so I'll actually have something to do come Monday. Really, the woods behind our house is PERFECT for this kind of scene as it has that magical, peaceful quality to it. In fact, one of the times that Codi went inside to warm up, I just plopped down in the snow, laid on my back, and just looked up through the trees and let the world slip away. It was so serene and calming, definitely something I'll have to do again sometime.

Once we finished up, abut 6:00, I settled down to do my schoolwork. My Ancient Lit midterm is provide online, but we only have an hour and a half total to complete it in (it's timed) but we're allowed multiple accesses, which is a lifesaver. I really made use of this by going into the test, and taking a screen shot of the first question, then closed out so I could write my "in-class essay" without the pressure of a time deadline. I always get so freaked out when taking a test in class, especially an in-class essay. I'm so much of a perfectionist, and long-winded to boot, that it ends up being a complete nightmare.

The only problem is that I can't seem to concentrate. I've sat here for 4 hours and all I have is an outline and 1 paragraph written for the first of 3 questions.

Sigh. Yeah, I know, then why am I sitting here blogging when I should be working on schoolwork?

Fine. I'm going. Yes ma'am.

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