February 19th, 2009

Want to know about Evapotranspiration?

Cause I know ALL about it! I've been working steadily for the last two weeks on my notebook for Geography. We were told to select a region and then complete these 25 tasks over the course of the semester. Our first notebook check is tomorrow and we're supposed to have tasks 1-5 done, but task number 6 is recommended as well.

I did all 6.

The tasks cover the regional map, temperature, precipitation, climate, weather, and evapotranspiration. I had to create all my own graphs and charts and everything. It was fun though. The end result is VERY professional looking and impressive. Hopefully Dorn (the prof.) will think so too.

Oh. And the region I chose was the Lakes District in northern Italy. It is where Mediterranean Italy meets up with the Alps of Switzerland. Really, a unique place, both culturally and geographically. Check it out!

Okay, time to print these babies out and then off to bed.


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to school

So, work is done for the day, only one day left before THE WEEKEND! Got to love that.

But yeah, I'm sitting in my first class for the day, Ancient Lit. We're going over the prophecy of the book of Isaiah today.

It's kind of funny, the topic for the week was "Old Testament History and Prophecy".... Micah and I commented that it sounds like a class taught in BTI, doesn't it? You can rest assured that the views expressed certainly aren't the same. Stupid liberal college.

We'll my computer has 5 hours left before it days, that should last me the phone school day and then some!

Alright. Class is starting.


A quote we covered in class today

"The pleasantest of all diversions is to sit alone under the lamp, a book spread out before you, and to make friends with people from a distant past you have never known." - Kenko Yoshida, a Buddhist monk in 1330 a.d.