February 16th, 2009

A slight change of plans

So yesterday was Sunday. Church day. We were supposed to have service,
followed by a potluck, then the youth would head to the gym for a gym day as
our monthly activity.

What actually happened was far different.

First, when Micah and I pulled up to the parking lot, we noticed everyone
standing around their cars where normally they would already be inside, as
it was only a few minutes till church time.

Come to find out, they couldn't get in. No one's keys were working so we
were basically locked out.


Sister Nowling had called the maintenance manager who had said that they
would be over in about 30 minutes or so. With that, Sister Nowling, Joey,
Micah and I headed to Barnes and Noble for coffee instead of waiting in the

Wouldn't you know it, as soon soon as we got there and ordered our coffee,
the maintenance manger got the door open. Hmph. Turns out that it had frozen
shut! Ha! That's Alaska for you.

By this time, it's about 10:45 so we just had an extra-long Sunday School
which had some really good discussions as we like to talk. Who knew?

The potluck was.. interesting. I had decided to cook Chicken Divan which is
one of my favorite dishes and I've cooked it before and helped Momma cook
it, except always on the stove. Since it was a potluck, I thought, hey... I
can use a crockpot! Rice is good in the crockpot.

Chicken Divan.. not so good.

The resulting concoction was horrible! Sister Nowling was brave enough to
try it (I begged her not to.. did want her to get food poisoning or
something, hehe) and couldn't even swallow a single bite as she declared
that it tasted like baby food.

No, it tasted like what comes out of a baby after they've eaten the baby

Really. It was bad. The rice refused to cook at first and then cooked really
fast and dried out, which made the outside mush while the inside remained
raw and hard. The whole thing was a great, gray blog.

Yeah. Nasty. Never again while I cook Chicken Divan in a crockpot. Let my
humiliation be a warning to all you out in Blogland. At least then may my
shame find purpose.

*bows head*

In other news, the gym day got cancelled due to some complications and we
ended up staying at the church and playing games. First we played Mad Gab. I
don't remember who won the first time, I think Joey, Micah and I. Well, the
second time the two guys, Tim and Micah, challenged the four of us girls,
Jenna, Jackie, Joey, and I, to a face-off.

We stomped them! hehe...

Then we played Sequence. The teams were, Jenna and I, Micah and Sister
Nowling, Joey and Jackie. The first game Jackie and Joey won. The second
Micah and Sister Nowling won. The third Jenna and I won. Then it was down to
the tiebreaker game. Whoever won would win it all.

That was THE longest sequence game over. We actually ran out of cards!!!!
and were down to only the cards in our hands.

And the final winner... Jenna and I! WAHOO! Go Team Red! Seriously, I had a
two-eyed Jack since the beginning of the game (which equates to a wild) and
we could never get more than three in a row! There were a few times where we
would get four in a row then SOMEONE (usually Micah, grr) would take it off
before it got back around to me. Sigh... but in the end, the true winners
prevailed! lol.. I love that game.

After Sequence we decided to at least pay a tribute to the would-be gym day
and make up for all the food we ate during the potluck. As such, Micah and I
headed over to the Nowling's where we got to play Wii Fit! What fun!
Seriously, I'm going to love that game when we get it. The reviews and
praise were well-deserved, and they're right, you DON'T feel as though
you're working out. It's nice because it ranks the top 10 scores so you can
be competitive against the other players or fitters or whatever they are
supposed to be called.

The one that got us going was the hula hoop exercise. Joey held the top
score with 301. As hard as we tried, none of us could come close. Finally, I
begged Micah to let me have one last go at it. I shook my hips around and
around (which is really hard considering I have NO coordination or rhythm,
though, come to find out, I actually have pretty good balance) and was about
to pass out by the final five seconds. Five.. four.. three... two... one..
STOP! The final number of spins... 301!!! WAHOO!!! I HAD FIRST PLACE!!!

.... for about five seconds.

Joey sprung up in outrage and demanded a chance to reclaim her title as Hip
Queen. She got on there and swung around and around and took it back with


Oh well, at least I had the five seconds of glory.

I must say though, it was HILARIOUS to see Micah do the hula hoop. Hehe...

One more thing. The program tells you your Wii Fit age which is based off of
your real age, agility, balance, BMI, etc...

Most people end up with ages far beyond their actual age. Micah was a good
twenty years off. Mine?


:) Right on.

Okay-- no back to work. Oh wait, I don't have anything to do.


Maybe I should trademark the name?

I dare you.

Go to google and type in "forevermeg"....

1. My Flickr

2. Some random youtube video

3. Some random website

4. My livejournal blog

5. My scrapblog

Cool! I'm top dog on google!

And yes, I do own Meganpeter.com, just in case you were asking.

Well, off to the school! Photography today! We're developing pictures!!!!

Cheerio! Off to the loo with you then!


25 Random Things

1. I can be either a morning person or a night owl depending on the situation. By nature I am a night owl, but of necessity I am a morning person so I can actually get to work before noon.

2. I didn't have hair until I was two years old. My mom used to stick my hair bows on with toothpaste

3. When my brothers were born I was quoted as declaring, quite adamantly, "No. I only wanted ONE brother. Send the other one back!"

4. I like to eat with my hands.

5. Sometimes I like the weirdest flavor combination. Even though I tend to be picky about the spices and sauces in/on my food, sometimes I just want to dip bread and butter pickle in some yellow mustard.

6. I don't have a favorite color. It changes nearly every week. Right now it's red. No, yellow.

7. Likewise, don't ask me what my favorite animal is, I simply don't know. I like dogs, and horses, and little sparrows. And dolphins and cats and eagles/falcons and wolves and sea otters and...

8. I used to like cats well enough but thought they were more annoying than anything else. Give me a dog over a cat any day. That was before Milo. I declare, that cat is my baby. Milo, another M, right?

9. I rarely get addicted to TV shows. Gilmore Girls, Heroes, and Bones are about it for me. But I don't have to see the "latest episode or I'll just die".... in fact, it's been three weeks since the last Heroes episode.

10. I didn't get my hair cut until I was 12 years old.

11. I played with Barbie dolls until I was 15

12. Growing up, I always wanted to be really tall, like 5'8" or 5'9". As a child, I was always the tallest one in my classes so much so that all the pediatricians would say that I would be tall when I grew up. I hit 5'5" about 15 or 16 and stopped.

13. When I was little I always wanted to marry someone who was really tall, like 6'5" or more. At LEAST 6'2". Instead, I married a guy who's 5'5"... guess it was a good thing I stopped growing, right?

14. I really don't like sweet all that much. But when I do want sweets, I CRAVE them.

15. I am a 5th generation PK. My Daddy is a preacher, my grandfather is a preacher, my great-grandfather and great-grandmother were preacher, and my great-great grandmother was a preacher. And a few uncles here and there to boot!

16. Wouldn't you know it, this southern girl married an Eskimo. Micah and I were as far apart as you could be and still both live in the United States--- Florida to Alaska. Can't get much farther than that.

17. I've only ever dated one guy. I've only ever kissed one guy. I've only ever said "I love you" to one guy. Micah was my one and only.

18. As soon as I get up in the morning I check my email.

19. I sometimes wish that I was half-Borg (Star Trek character) so that I could have a camera in my eye. I'd look at a scene, say "click" and mentally "take" the picture, storing the image in my neural processor (ST device), then when I'd get home, I would uplink with the computer and transfer the image and volia! The human camera. Talk about having a photographic memory!

20. Sometimes my imagination runs wild. But then again, you knew that, right?

21. I've kept a journal since the age of 7.

22. I hate wearing shoes.

23. I have a rule about clothes shopping. If I bring home something new, I must get rid of something old. That way I don't get overstuffed with too many clothes. Yes, it is possible.

24. I hate spending money on clothes. I've never spent over $15 for an item of clothing unless it's a winter coat or something along those lines, but even then my cap is $25 or $30.

25. I am a fanatic organizer who hates to clean house.

There. Bet there were a couple of things you didn't know, right? If you knew every single one then.... I'll give you a cookie!