January 30th, 2009

Free Day & Slight Frustration

It's a Friday, my "free" day--- it's not really free as I still have to work
and do all that stuff, but it IS free in the sense that I only go to one
place the entire day (work) and don't have any classes to attend! WAHOO!
Also, only half the office staff works on Fridays so it makes for a very
relaxed and laid back day.

I like those kinds of days.

So it's been snowing like crazy all day long. The light is really dull,
which is making me a little worried for tomorrow which is supposed to be my
"shooting" day for photography class. We're supposed to shoot two rolls of
film by Monday, Wednesday at the latest, and the only days where I am
actually out during the daylight hours on Saturday & Sunday, my weekend in
every sense of the word.

About the assignment…

It's my first of 5 (?) assignments for the entire semester and the one that
I am NOT looking forward to shooting. The theme is "self-portrait" and we
have to shoot two rolls of film. Ugh. What's more, she's wanting it to be
"out of the box" and not the standard say-cheese-for-the-camera deal. So..
creative. Yeah. That. And to top it all off, two rolls of film equal out to
18 ideas. Great. I have about 10 right now, but I'm a little fuzzy on the
other 8.

It's starting to weird me out, taking these film pictures. I'm so used to
the digital age where I can take 10 pictures of one shot, all with different
angles and lighting variations, and in the end, I have the perfect shot.

Now I'm supposed to get it in one. Yeah….

Why we're supposed to use 2 rolls is because Deb (the teacher) wants us to
purposely overexpose and underexpose so we know what it looks like on a film
camera. Grr. I know what it looks like! I have actually touched a camera
before! Why waste what amounts to a whole roll of film when I won't be able
to use but ½ the shots.

Sigh… it's moments like this that make me wish that I had signed up for
digital photography.

Oh well--- it's still photography, right?


okay, i'm officially bored

Now that we're actually INTO the semester, the phone isn't ringing anymore
and no students come in after 3pm. Not to mention that today is Friday which
is, as a said earlier, already a slow day. Add to that the faculty meeting
that has the classroom full but the rest of the office empty and you get a
long hour and a half.


I WOULD work on schoolwork, but I forgot to actually bring any with me
today. Phooey.