January 23rd, 2009

Application for Graduation

I just submitted it! YAY! Apparently you can submit it electronically, so
that's what I went ahead and did as my time is vastly limited. If I DO have
a problem or something and need to meet with someone at the office, I can do
it on my lunch break next week, since I work right here. I just know that
the office is swamped, so instead of waiting in line for an hour or more,
I'll just throw my email to the bottomless abyss that is the inbox.

Hopefully I'll be able to graduate with honors and everything. Summa Cum
Laude 4.00... with highest honors. At least then all my hard work would at
least account for something.

I was worried back around Christmas time because I thought that I had missed
the deadline, and in a way, I did. Apparently the deadline for a spring
graduation is Sept 15.. oh boy. I was nearly in tears when I read that.
Then, after another hour or two of digging, I happened across the graduation
portion of the site, which they have buried away in the dark depths of what
is uaa.alaska.edu. Apparently I can pay a late fee of $25, for a total of
$50, and as long as I submit it by March 31, then I'll graduation...

.... what was that? Oh nothing, just my giant sigh of relief. What? I blew
over two mountains and half of downtown Anchorage? oops. sorry.


panicky people are so funny

I've have a good four or five calls today from people panicking due to it
being the last day of the add/drop deadline, or at least people THINK it's
the last day. The deadline has actually been extended to next Tuesday due to
the ice days last week closing down the campus. Two ice days=two extra days
until the deadline.

Silly people.


Another blessing? Yes, Lord, YES!

So, about an hour before I was scheduled to get off, Stephanie, the office manager, called me over and informed me that the department had three credits worth of tuition waivers left over and said that they were going to me! For those of you who don't know what a tuition waiver is, it's exactly what it sounds like, not as much as a scholarship and it isn't annual, but basically if you give a reason for needing financial help, then you can qualify for these waivers. The ESPM department has a certain number for its students, etc. Apparently, they had a few left over and since today was the last day they could be applied for, Stephanie gave them to me as their student worker. The good news is that since I AM the student worker, they already know me and I didn't have to write the big letter stating "why I need the ESPM tuition waiver, etc, etc, etc" or the three letters of reference, or even my transcript. I all I did was fill in my address and signed on the dotted line, so to speak.

And get this, when filling out the three credits, she was just filling out the standard credits since she new that I'm an undergrad. Well, one of the other office workers piped up and said something about getting the more expensive credits waived. Stephanie stopped and said, "Yeah! If you are taking higher level classes, then we'll waive those instead since they're more expensive!" Wouldn't you know it? For the life of me I couldn't remember what level classes I was taking! So, I went back to the computer and looked it up in my student file. Sure enough, I had three 200-level class which fall in the lower cost bracket, BUT I am taking ONE 300-level class, which is the higher cost bracket. Thanks Yumi! (the other office worker) That bumped up the total amount of the waiver up even higher. In the end, I'll be getting $453! WaHOO!

It was completely expected, but entirely welcomed, and made a great start to my weekend. ;)

Hope you had such a blessed day.

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