January 11th, 2009

There's no time like SNOW time!

On.. Thursday? Yeah, Thursday. Well, on Thursday Micah and I got all bundled up and headed out into the Alaskan wilderness to brave the harsh, unforgiving winter with nothing more than our camera and sheer determination.

In other words, we drove 15 minutes out of town to the Arctic Valley (a valley with a mt in the middle, with a ski resort on the top- we had gone snowboarding there last year), stepped out of the car, and spent the next two hours trudging through the snow in -15oF, with a chill factor of I don't know how much due to being, uh, on top of a mountain?

Even though the picture I posted might insinuate otherwise, I actually was rather warm on that day. I had on, let me count.... one, two, three, four layers (counting my coat) and was quite toasty except for... my face. Yeah, that's what the picture was all about. Both our faces were freezing between the wind and base coldness. We determined that if we do plan to go on these photographic adventures, then we need ski masks. Yeah, like the ones you rob a bank with. The scare the mess out of anyone you walk by, but at least those bank robbers have rosy cheeks!

Anyway, on to the pictures. That's the whole purpose of this post, right? Not to hear me jabber but to see some pictures of.... ALASKA!!!!

Oh, wait..one more thing... The previous day, Wednesday, Micah and I had invested in a polarized filter for our camera. It basically changes the way light is perceived by the camera and makes the colors look richer and deeper. In other words, the sky is actually BLUE instead of WHITE.

The difference is amazing! Most of these pictures were taken straight from the camera with only some minor tweaking with the contrast and a crop here and there. You'll notice that sometimes the picture has a golden hue while other times it has a definite blue tint. That's all the filter, baby. By turning the polarized filter I am able to adjust the saturation of the picture and the overall hue, ranging from bright gold to a deep blue. Yeah, that IS pretty sweet.

Okay, NOW the pictures...

(that is Fort Richardson, the army base, in the background)

(had to get one of our baby)

(fort rich again)

(those hill-looking things are moraines. i learned about them last semester in geology. they're made by glaciers, all the debris gets pushed together and forms moraines)

(this one actually has an alternate copy that was auto-leveled in gimp. it brought out a whole different color scheme. you can view that copy HERE)

(the busy, snowy glenn hwy)

(this is the original)

(this is the auto-level copy from GIMP- pretty cool, eh? it looks like it was taken at night with studio lighting)

and that's the end...
you can view the rest of the photos and MORE on my flickr, this set is under The New on the right side of the screen. Enjoy!


(now i have to leave for church- hopefully, so are you!)