January 9th, 2009

prayer would be greatly appreciated

Micah has an interview at 9am tomorrow for a security position with Purcell, the company that Matt works for. Matt was transferred to the department here in Anchorage and apparently they have several additional openings.

It would be a huge step up for Micah, not only financially (God is still meeting our needs!), but also career-wise. Purcell is a good company to work for and has a lot of room for advancing through the ranks, as long as you're willing to work hard and do the job right.

So, just say a prayer if you would.



Wow! That was quick!

So I put in the order for my school books on Monday. I got a shipping confirmation for them on Tuesday. I had them all shipped standard shipping, which takes 7-14 days.

One already arrived today!

After only three days from the time it left the lower 48, it's here, sitting on my desk.


It's the Oxford Study Bible, the Revised English Edition with the Apocrypha. I need it for my Ancient Literature class. I could have rented it, but since it's a Biblical text, I thought it might prove useful in later years so I went ahead and bought it. That, and I could buy the NICE hardback edition off of Amazon for only $20.00. That's cheaper than renting or even buying used.

I love Amazon.


Shaw Family Portraits 2008

Micah and I took these over Christmas vacation. Even though the lighting was dreary and it started clouding up for rain towards the ends, my family still looks as awesome as they are!

We love ya'll!

(and yes, my brothers look like giants. definitely not "little" brothers anymore!)

and one pre-micah:

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I'll be uploading more pictures later tonight. see you then!