January 8th, 2009

ooooooooooo... i like getting emails...

Especially when they are from the hiring people for a position I applied for at UAA. :)

In order to help out financially around the house, I decided to apply for several clerical positions at UAA so I could work in between my classes, which are scattered throughout the week. In past semesters I have managed to schedule all my classes for Tues/Thurs so I could work unrestricted on Mon/Wed/Fri. However, this year is different as the ONE class I wanted to take most of all, the Photography class, is ONLY available on Mon/Wed. My other three classes are Tues/Thurs as usual.

Thus, my potential work schedule is all messed up and as I don't have steady transportation other than the bus a school job is the only way to go.

It more than works as the starting wage for these jobs is $9.50, which is comparable to most other places for college-students and they work around your school schedule. AND, as they're both on campus, I'd just have to walk across to the other building.

All of this adds up to a good position for this time in my life.

Which is why I'm happy to see that I got a response back from one of the two positions that I have already applied for.

Keep this situation in your prayers, please. Thanks.