January 5th, 2009

Say goodbye to the dust bunnies

so i've been cleaning all day. organizing. washing dishes. cleaning out the closet, etc.

that and i've been uploading music to the computer. we basically had only two cd's worth of music on the computer.. in other words NOTHING! So I've been putting all of our cds onto the computer all morning long. I've only done about 15 cds, but already it's made QUITE the difference.

In the most unexpected way...

God will provide. He WILL provide. It's promised.

And He did.

I must admit, I was a bit worried about making ends meet in this after-christmas/pre-semester period. But God provided in a completely surprising and unexpected way. And not only has He provided for our needs, but also for a few of our wants, as well (which could be argued as needs, such as SNOW TIRES and a REAL BED!).

In the end, all we have for Him is humble gratitude and thankfulness from the depths of our hearts.