December 29th, 2006

Prayer and Thanksgiving

Pray for Perry Donnafield, she got her hand slammed in the bathroom door at McDonald's today. When I talked to Amy at 9:30, they were still at Vanderbilt hospital, and she said that Perry's little finger had a fracture form the knuckle to the tip, and that they would be putting a splint on her fingers, and she'll have to wear it for the next four weeks. She's only 5, so please pray for her. All she wanted was to see a baby being born.. poor angel...

But thanksgiving! Micah has his plane ticket! He flies in at 1:30, Friday the 19th, and will fly out at 1:00 the following Monday. It's only a weekend, but I'll take any time that we can have together. Even one moment is enough to thank God for.


Gone [again]

We're getting ready to leave any minute for the TN New Year's Retreat. Yay. I'm scurrying around, trying to remember everything. I THINK I've got everything. Clothes. The games I was suppose to bring. Shower stuff. Sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow. Bible. My camera and battery charger. Alaena's present. And not a single book! :)

Yup, I think that's everything.

Mom needs to hurry up, because I still need to stop for gas before we get out of town. I forgot to do it this morning when I went to the Y. However, I did remember to stop and get Perry a get-well gift. Oh, something more. Sis Amy called me this morning, and basically, Perry's finger was as though someone had cut it in half. It was kind of hard to follow what actually was the case, but that was the visual image I was given. They put her to sleep and put her finger back together. Poor thing. They've given her something for the pain and she came home last night, but yeah... keep her in your prayers.

And pray for our retreat. For a lot of the young people in tn, this will be the only major fellowship that they will get for several months. But it's not just about the fellowship, it's about God touching their hearts and lives. Pray for each and every one of the youth, as well as the workers.

God bless.