December 25th, 2006

A Peter Family Christmas

Micah just called me. It was 6:30 his time. And I joined in on a Peter Family Christmas. We waited until 7:00 [his time] on the dot, and then he blasted the Flying W Wranglers at full volume. :) It was nice that even though I couldn't be there, in a way, I was. It made this morning special for both of us.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

and now i'm off to play croquet.

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    cold christmas spirit

Lovin' every minute

This has been a wonderful Christmas. Time just slowed down the minute we set foot in the door. It feels as though we have been here for weeks, when, in reality, it's only been since friday evening. We're leaving tomorrow morning, but I'll be leaving with no regrets. No tears. I've enjoyed this time with my family and have laugh and even cried, tears both good and bad. I thank God for this time with my family.

It's slightly sad though. Because this is the last Christmas that will be like this. Just us. Starting next Christmas, all us grandkids will starting pairing off one by one. And even though it's wonderful to have our family grow, it's sad at the same time. Because it means that we really are growing up. We aren't kids anymore. None of the grandkids got any toys or any such thing this year. The closest thing was Tyler's new tools- guys always have to have their "toys" lol. We've been remembering Christmas memories from years past, and that's all they are- memories.

But I'm looking forward to the furture, and all the adventures and wonderful experiences that it holds for me, and the ones I love.

Now I can't help but wonder... what will next Christmas be like?