December 23rd, 2006

Hey from FLORIDA!!!

Hey ya'll. Back in my home state.

We left about 7 yesterday morning and with stops and everything, got in about 5 that evening. We walked in and plopped down in the seats. Dinner was waiting. YUMMY! Chicken 'n Dumplins. After that... I went ahead and unloaded the tahoe while daddy and the boys were LAZY and didn't lift a finger. They made the excuse that they couldn't unload the back because daddy was hiding presents back there. Unwrapped presents. But that was only an excuse, cause I had already unloaded the back and had put everything on the deck.

Well, tomato gravy and biscuits are waiting for me and Granny is hollering for me to come eat. I'll post the rest later.

So glad I have internet access, but it's dial-up, so don't be offended if I dont' make it around to your blog.

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yoohoo again

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey!!!!

Just finished. SOOO good. I've been having a craving for tomato gravy.

Alright, from last night:

After I had unloaded the back and carried in half the stuff, I got the boys out there and left the rest up to them.

I came inside and watched part of "The Shop Around the Corner" which is the movie that "You've Got Mail" was based on. Then, the Rummy games began. Both Papa and I were off our game last night..

Papa is talking about shoes made in "Chiner." That's how he pronouces words that end in "a" he changes it to "er." He is such a Georgia boy.

.. and so Brandon won. I know, I know. Even with me being the "card queen" someone else won. Oh well. I've actually never been good at Rummy. I like to think of things in a long-term plan, and so I'll have a great hand, but will wait too long to lay the cards down. That is my downfall. I need to plan short-term goals. I need flings. :P

Now they're talking about how momma is always breaking umbrellas. And she is. I know I didn't spell that word right, but I too lazy to look up the right spelling.

Momma needs to hurry up and get in the shower so I can get in there and wash this hair of mine.

Today, the guys are going fishing. I probably won't go. They're going fishing at the pond, which has about 2 fish in it. If I go fishing, I actually want to catch something. I haven't been fishing in a while, though I do enjoy it.

You know, now that I think about it, I realize that I haven't really done any outdoor activities in a long long while. Not since Crystal and I went caving a couple of months back. I love the outdoors, but between work, school, and church, I never get to do anything. All the guys are going target shooting with the .22 later on, but I will be crashing that party! I never pass up a chance to hold a gun in my hands. :) I might not be the best shot in the world, but I'm better than the boys anyday! Or, at least, I used to be. I haven't gone since Micah and Josh were at my house last year. Wow. That seems like such a long time ago. Now, it's always two years ago. Wow.

Papa is also saying that he wants to play coquet. Is that how you spell it? The English game where you hit a ball with a funny looking stick. But hey, I'll give it a good.

Matt is being annoying. No, Bek, not your Matt. My Matt. Even though most times, I don't want to claim him. He's using the pump to blow air into my face. Yup, I think that would qualify as annoying.

Wearing my cute PJ's. And yes, I look cute. :) Doesn't happen very often, so I have to enjoy it where I can.

Oh, and Papa is going to deep-fry a turkey for our dinner. I'll be sure to have the fire extingusher ready!

Anything else? Not really. I'm going to see if Tyler will let me play Burnout on his PSP. Oh, did ya'll know? We're getting an Xbox. No, not a 360. I wish! Someone else is getting a 360, and so they're going to give us the original. How sweet. And yes... we will have Halo. An Xbox just isn't an Xbox without Halo. Without Halo, it's just.. a box.

Ok. I think I've yapped enough. Bye!!!

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