December 22nd, 2006

And we are off!!!

To quote a certain text message that has remained on my phone since 4:52 pm 11/8.

Dad and the boys are packing the last few things. Or, in Dad's case, everything. Mom and I, as always, have been packed since yesterday morning. I am proud of myself because I only have three bags. All my clothes and shoes in a VERY small suitcase, my books, games, and movies in a small tote. And my toiletries and hair products in another. Good to go.

I just have to make sure that I don't forget my chargers and whatnot. My nano is charged and I have a clean memory card, plus two extras for my camera. Not to mention, two sets of fresh batteries. Oh! And I'm only brining 6 books with me! 3 RJG, 2 GLH, and 1..... I can't remember. But it's one of my favorites [i know, i know, why can't I remember the title?]. I chose books for a trip the way Rory did in that season... 2 episode? Yeah. Season 2. I always bring at least 1 GLH so I can relive the roaring twenties or depression era. The books are light, but spiritual, and have absolutely nothing unmoral about them. Then a RJG because they are among my faves and I love reading over certain parts. And ahha! A GM book. Chariots in the smoke. Has to deal with psychological issues during the civil war. Interesting. Very much so.

Well, I still have to get my shoes on and toss a few more things in a bag. Oh! I am only my 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs flip flops [for those 70 degree days] and the tennis shoes on my feet. And I have cute PJ's!!! Pink bottoms with little bright colored birdies all over them, and a bright blue shirt to match. :) Yay!!! Something other than sweat pants and an over-sized t-shirts.

Tyler just informed me that I need to grab my stuff from the shower. So... got to go.

Pray for us on our trip. I'll probably be posting via TxtLJ, but it'll be short and sweet, kinda like me.

Suitcase roll call. Sound off!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Or... almost

This family takes forever to get out the door. It's crazy! And now my stomach is starting to rumble. Lovely. 2 things I need to remember before we go. 1) go to the bathroom 2) get a bottle of water. lol, I sound like a little kid.

So, what are ya'll's Christmas plans?

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