December 15th, 2006

Wow... I have a floor!

I had forgotten what that looked like! With church, work, and school, I haven't been able to clean and I must admit, this place was looking pretty bad. But it's lookin' good now!

Once I got out of finals yesterday, I came home and took a wonderful and much-needed 5 hour nap! I woke up and looked at my phone just as Micah called. Perfect timing. So I talked to him for a little while before he left to go pick up Sister Connie. Then Mom and I put up the Christmas tree, and those of you that read the previous posts know the rest of that story.

I didn't go to bed until after 2 and I loved every minute of it. I haven't stayed up that late in weeks, and I've missed it. I'm always most alert and productive late at night. I usually get my second wind about 1 am. Give me some caffeine about 1:15 and... it's the energizer bunny reincarnated! I don't know if that's actually the right term, but you get the idea.

Micah and I had dug out the webcams last night and were having fun being stupid. :P Man, I haven't used the webcam since.. this time last year? It's been a while. But it was good to actually "see" him again. Almost forgotten what he looked like... I know, I know, how could I ever forget that ugly mug of his.

Hey! I see a robin outside my window!!!! Hey dude, aren't you supposed to be farther south? I'm not ready for Spring yet!

I don't think that I am going to go to the work Christmas party. I just can't fit it in my schedule today. I'm leaving about 4 to go to Sister Campbell's and dig around in her attic to find the pottery she said I could use. Then it's off to the Church to meet Sis Amy and get the costumes matched up for tonight and figure how many we're going to have finish in the all-nighter that I know is inevitable. Practice actually starts at 6:30 and then I'm spending the night with Kasey afterwards. Which means I have to make I go ahead and pack everything that I'm going to need for tomorrow. Remember, bobby pins! And safety pins! And I need to find the costume makeup/face paint. I think it's in the front storage room. I'm going to have to paint 5 o'clock shadows on some of the teenager boys. Oh, and Micah White is going to be our begger, so I have to rough him up and all that good stuff.

I love doing costumes. The hair. The makeup. I love directing plays and performances. I love doing the research and making the sets. I love theater.

My webcam just dropped and I caught it. Reflexes of a cat!

Ok. Now I'm just babbling, typing anything that comes into my head. And in my current frame of mind, that can be a very dangerous thing. :)

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