December 14th, 2006

Final Breath

Actually, it should be "Final... [remember to] BREATHE"

Ok. I just got done with my English final not 10 minutes ago. No, I'm not home. I'm in my classroom at school, on Daddy's laptop. I knew that I handwrite too slow to write a long in-class essay so I brought Dad's computer that way I could just type and copy it down on paper. Also, that meant that I didn't have to print out my notes and research but could just keep everything online and I could look it up through the handy-dandy wireless network. That was good, especially considering that I'm out of blank ink in my printer. But hey! I got back my grade for my final paper!!!!

Want to know what it is? Huh? Do ya? Huh?

Fine then. I won't tell you.

LOL. Who am I kidding, of course I will tell you! Remember, this is the paper that I stressing about for most of the semester. The paper that could very well describe my final grade. The paper that would prove for once and for all whether or not I have any talent as a writer! Ok, maybe that last statement isn't quite true, but it sure felt like that sometimes!

I got.... a 99!!! :) x 10000000000000000 (yeah, try figuring out what THAT number is!)

That is the highest grade Mr. Como gives. I only made a 99 on I think two other papers. And here I made it on my final essay!! SO cool. That right there proves that I have become a better writer over the course of this semester. He complimented my title and my intro and my statistics. He said: A few proofreading lapses, otherwise an excellent paper. Sigh... I'm so happy.

He also thanked me for the "kind words" in my Christmas card. We talked for a few minutes and he said that he thought that I was a good, and TALENTED writer and that I had done excellent in the class. He was glad that I was open to evolving as a writer and bettering myself and my skills. We also we talking about how I want to contribute to newspapers and magazines and he was telling me how to go about it. He said that I could most definetely get published.

That's high praise coming from Mr. Como.

I'm sad, I tell you. I have really enjoyed this semester and this has, by far, been my favorite class. I'm sad to leave it, and Mr. Como, behind. He has been a good teacher and I greatly respect him.

Well, now it's on to study for History. My final is in 40 minutes. Make that 39 minutes. AHH! Ya'll still praying?
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(no subject)

After the last student left and it was just Mr Como and I, he asked me if I was planning to attend both years here. I said that I would like to, but it would depend on where my classes were offered. Then, I told him about Motlow's restrictions and how they're requiring me to do the extra language and visual arts classes. He said that he had never heard any such thing and that he agreed with me that I shouldn't be "punished" just because I graduated in a different state, under different guidelines. He's my teacher, and so he knows me work, and yeah, it just isn't right. He recommended that I talk to the school, or at least an advisor, about the situation and see if some sort of compromise can be reached.

And he just walked out the door. Sad. It's over. It's really over. No more English 1010. I've passed the class with an "A" [though my offical grade won't be posted until 9 am Monday morning]. Sigh. I'll miss this room. Mr Como. My classmates. I did find out that Tamina, from my Communications class, and I both have Intro to Socialolgy next year. What fun.

15 min until finals. Gotta go. Bye.

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It's FINALLY looking a lot like Christmas!

YES! It is! We have a Christmas tree!!!! I walked into the living room after my nice, long five-hour nap and stood by the fireplace. Looking around, I realized that it did NOT feel like Christmas. Here I was, placing gifts by the fireplace instead of underneath a tree. If we didn't do something soon, this would be the first Christmas since even before I was born, that we wouldn't have a tree. I didn't want that.

So, I took the initiative!

I marched myself out to the front porch. And I marched myself into the house, lugging the big tree bag behind me. I marched myself back out to the porch and brought in the decoration totes. And then I stopped marching and plopped myself down on the floor. Mom and I went through all the ornaments and decided what our theme was going to be this year. The final decision was.... unique. We pulled out all the ornaments that look unusual and the ones that we've picked up different place.

I treasure the little moments like that. Mom asked if I was going to take all the ornaments when I leave? There probably won't be many left behind considering many of them are mine. But then it sunk in... one day I am going to leave. And then I won't have these little moments with Mom anymore. I won't see her but a couple times a year, even though, just like the way Mom is with Granny, I'll probably call her every day. I don't want to take the little moments for granted... because one day, I won't have them...

Oh! Get this! We found an ornament that I got in 1995. I think Grandma gave it to me. But it's a Eskimo, riding a snowmobile, on a block of ice. Mom says I need to get my picture taken with it. It's just so cool! Even back then, I had my ties with Alaska and the Eskimos! :)

But the tree looks really good. I put it up all by myself and Tyler was going to do the lights, but he was being.. Tyler... so I went ahead and put up the lights too. Yes, I have the scratches to prove it.

It looks wonderful, and even though we aren't going to go all out with decorations all over the house, at last, it feels like Christmas in the Shaw House. And as far as the other decorations, well, there's always next year!

But actually... next year is probably all we'll have. Sitting here, thinking about, I realize that next year will most likely be my last Christmas spent at home. After that, I'll have my own home. It's ending. Even as it is beginning.

Next year, Micah wants to fly in early and spend Christmas with my family. [LOL! He really thinks that he can survive a Baggett/Tinsley/Shaw Christmas! Silly boy...] I want to do everything that I can to make that Christmas, my last Christmas, the best that it can be. That means putting up the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, decorating the whole house, putting up lights, baking Christmas cookies, having a fire in the fireplace, playing Christmas music, wrapping the gifts, and if I pray hard enough, playing in the snow.

Christmas. It is the most wonderful time of year. I want every moment to last forever.

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No more until Jan 16th

More good school news.

My history final turned out pretty good. I have all the information there, it's just a matter of how he likes the presentation. I'll be fine though.

BUT! Ya'll remember my paper on the battle of Iwo Jima? I posted it a while back. That was an extra credit paper that was worth between 5 and 10 extra points on my final grade.

During the exam, he came over to me and had my paper in hand. He turned to the back page, and that's when I saw the number.

Now, I was expecting to get a 7, maybe an 8. What did I get? ........ *drum roll please* a 15!!!!!!!!

He said that my paper was the best he had read and that it was worth the five extra points. Now how about that?! Mr Litaker isn't an easy man to please, so imagine my absolute delight to hear him say something like that. I was proud, very proud, of a job well done.

Now, these are straight points. He's going to tally up my final grade, based on my all my work and the final and that will be my final grade. Then, he will add these 15 extra points to my final grade, which would equal out to a grade and a half boost! Not bad for roughly 6 hours work. See? It pays to do the extra credit.

I'm happy as a bird and [now that finals are over] just a free!

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