December 12th, 2006


From Cute

To Handsome

Micah, you're everything to me. Wow. 20 years old today. Practically an old man! Maybe I should have gotten you a cane! I'm so proud of you and all you're accomplishing and I can't wait to see you and be with you.

Always and Forever, Micah, Always and Forever


A Christmas Memory for YOU!

It's 10 till eight and I had a good night's sleep! I went to bed at 11:15 and woke up at 11:57 to call Micah at midnight my time since I couldn't call at midnight his time. Earlier in the day, we had agreed to pretend that my midnight was his midnight and so it really was his birthday already [3 hours ahead of time]. Si I wished him a happy birthday and we talked for a few minutes, but I was tired and knew I needed my rest for finals today, so we didn't stay up long. Not to mention the fact that Micah still is a little bit sick and still needs his rest, no matter what he says. Can't have him sleep his birthday away!

So yes, it's Micah's 20th birthday and its my Finals day. Actually, it's just my Final day, because I only have to take one today. :P

I'm feeling pretty confident and am going to get ready and do some more studying.

Less than two weeks until Christmas. Wow. It's really sneaking up on me. I must admit, I'm a little disappointed in this Christmas. It just doesn't FEEL like Christmas. We have lights up outside, but inside, if it wasn't for the poinsettias on the mantle, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between December and July.

I'm surrounded by Christmas at work, but once I go home, I'm caught up in financial stuff, and family stuff, and school stuff, and church stuff, and friend stuff, and boyfriend stuff. I'm having to focus my attention on so many different things, devote myself to so many different things, that I can already see that I'm burning myself out.

I keep telling myself.. just make it through this week.. just make it through this week... that's all I have to do. Just.. this week. Once this week is over, no more school, and no more church. I'll work all next week and make lots of money that will pay for the Christmas presents that I still need to buy. Then I'm going to take 5 glorious days off work and just kick back and relax. It always feels like Christmas when we go to Granny and Papa's. The Christmas spirit never quite kicks in until we pull into their driveway. That's Christmas to me. All of us crammed into that tiny house, smelling the good food that Granny is cooking, hearing the dogs bark when someone accidentally steps on them, having a family-wide domino tournament, watching the pile of gifts get higher and higher, watching the Christmas parade on the TV in the den, lying on the bed with Mom as we talk to Granny, and on Christmas Eve, hearing Papa read this Christmas story as Granny leads us in carols. Even without the bunches of lights and the mounds of snow, that is Christmas to me. Christmas is family.

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10 minutes

And then I'm going to get ready for work.

WOW! My Communications final took less than 10 minutes to complete. Man alive. I sat down, blinked, and it was over. I feel really good about it. All in all, I think there were only two or three questions that I wasn't sure about. I got there at 9:30 and was out of there a little after 10. I decided against going to the Smyrna YMCA because I wanted to watch the interesting channels on TV and Smyrna only gets about 15 channels, whereas M'boro gets all 100. So I drove back to M'boro and jumped on the elliptical machine for an hour while I switched between watching "What Not To Wear" a movie with LeeAnn Rhimes in it, and something on the History Channel about Flight 11. Just so you know, I am a major channel surfer. If I am going to be wasting my time by sitting in front of the TV, then I want to make the most of my time. So usually, instead of watching just one show, I am watching two or three shows at the same time, switching back and forth during commercials. It drives my family crazy. But simply put, I don't like to be bored. Which is also why I am notorious for fast forwarding through movies. If it's a boring part or something I've seen a million-and-one times [thus the reason it's boring], I will fast forward it until I get to an interesting part. That is how I am able to watch a 2 hour long move in 45 min. Or less. :)But one good thing about me, I won't fight for control of the remote. As long as you're not making me watch something stupid, I'm good.

Five minutes.

I just finished typing up all 20 of my keyterms that I have to learn by Thursday. I'm not too worried, though. A little worried, but not much. I know most of them and there are just a few things about each one that I'm not too sure about.

Tonight I am going to do my research for the 3 possible essays that I will have to write on Thursday. Those are really the only things that I'm slightly concerned about. Or was it a little worried? A tiny bit nervous? Something like that. :P

Hope ya'll are having a great day! It's raining and I'm about to go pull my hair back in a pony-tail. Good to go!