December 11th, 2006


But a very very VERY good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had talked to him earlier, while at work, and we were talking about his future and he mentioned something about trying to figure out what to do since he wasn't going to get the job at the college. You see, it's been so long that we had just about given up. Well, I got out of work and realized I had another voicemail, from Micah. I checked it and he simply said "Megan, there's something I need to tell you. Call me." Well, of course, all sorts of horrible things start running through my mind and I called him back right away. Only, Nathan answered and said that he was in the bathroom [btw, hi Nate!!!], so I talked to him for a while.

Well, FINALLY Micah got on the phone just as I was walking out of Walmart. I was about 2 feet away from my car when he said "Yeah.. what I had to tell you.. I.. um.. GOT THE JOB!!!!!" I started screaming and jumping up and down right in the Walmart parking lot. I caught the cartboy giving me some very weird/scared looks.

Well, of course I had to call Micah a stinker for scaring me like that! But I forgive him in light of the news!

This is sooooo wonderful! And now, wouldn't you know it, we see God's hand. It had come down between Micah and another guy, and that's why it was taking so long for them to decide. The other guy got tired of waiting and took another job, which gave the job to Micah! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!

$26 an hour and he'll start Jan 3rd. Micah, honey, I am so proud of you. You are the most wonderful, smart, talented, and BEST guy in the whole world! They are lucky/blessed to have you.

I have to go cook dinner, so I'll tell the rest of my/his/our exciting news later.

December 11th has been a good, no, GRRRRRRRRREAT day!

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My good news

Sears is going to let me off for Christmas AND for New Year's!!! AND Rodney [my manager] said that he did the seasonal [which is what i am] evaluations and put in his recommendation for who should stay on past the Holidays and he told me that I am one of the few that he wants to stay. Which would mean a transfer from seasonal pay to part-time pay, etc, etc. I'm still going to look for another job come Jan [looking at the YMCA], but at least this way I would have something for sure while I look for something, and "just in case."

So, that's my good news. It was a good day for both Micah and I. :)

I have finals tomorrow. Not so good news. Communications. But I'll do fine. Tomorrow though, I will have to work like crazy for my English and History finals. I should have done them last week, but I seriously did not have time. I don't have work but a little over the next two days, so I'll do it then.

But Micah's birthday is SOON! And I'm going to bed. Nite.