December 9th, 2006

There is something wrong with this picture!

It's cold here than it is in Alaska! And in BC, for that matter! BRRRR! 13 degrees outside right now. Calculate the wind shield factor in, and it feels like 6 degrees. Again, BRRRR! We'll have a high of 49 during the day with a low of 26, at least, that's what the weather channel says. But somehow I think we're going to be a bit colder than that. Especially since right now it says that it should be 26 degrees, and it's 13. Yeah... It's actually supposed to get pretty warm next week; somewhere in the 50s. :( I won't like it. I'm actually enjoying the cold weather and the bundling up.

I'm following Sister Connie's advice and am wearing tights under my skirts and pants. So far, it's working!

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