December 8th, 2006

And so the finals cram begins..

I have work at 11 this morning. Until then, I will be burying my head in my books, studying for my finals. Communications will be a piece of cake and if you remember, I already typed up my study notes for that 3 weeks ago. So I'm just going to carry those papers around with me for the next couple of days and memorize everything. English, the tests are easy [at least for me they are] and the only part that will be a little bit difficult is writing the in-class essay. Do you remember the topic? My solution to world poverty. Yeah... quite a doosey of one. I'm just going to do some research, talk to dad, and then I'll be good to go. It's open book, so I can bring all my notes with me. Gotta love it.

Now History.... the only one of the three that I'm a tiny bit worried about. I made a 92 on my midterm [i forgot one definition completely and that took off 5 points- ugh], so I think that I'll do pretty good on this. I know I'll ace the keyterms/definitions part. I'll just type up my notes the way I did last time I lock them in the ol' vault. But.... the essay portion? Now THAT'S another matter entirely.

WHOA! Now THAT was a close one!!!!!!!!! I was looking for my final essay sheet, you know, the one piece of paper that tells me what to study, and.. I couldn't find it.


I looked through all my books and folders and notebooks and everywhere and I couldn't find it. I'm sure it doesn't help that I don't have my contacts in and so I can't see more than two inches in front of my face! But finally I looked through my notebook one more time... and there it was, folded between two pages. *BIG sigh of relief*

Ok. Here are my two essay questions:

I. From 1877 to 2006, American History indicates that from the Spanish-American War, World War II, and the Vietnam War, significant changes resulted in industry, society, and the economy. You must prepare an essay that investigates and examines the scope of each conflict, how the U.S> became involved, the results of each war, and the last effect on industry, society, and the economy. Your essay should be well organized and end with your assessment of whether these wars changed American for the better or worse.

II. Civil Rights of African Americans in the U.S. has fluctuated from horrible to mediocre over the period from 1877 to 2006. Describe the changes and causes, the leaders of the changes, and the significance and results of all the changes. Prepare a well-organized essay that approaches these subjects chronologically; that is, as the events developed from 1877 until the present day. Conclude the essay with your opinion as to whether these changes have been satisfactory.

Piece of cake, eh?

Yeah right.

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Thinking about the future....

Or more specifically, BTI 2007. :) Due to work, I was unable to attend this year. I've completed two full terms and only have one left before I graduate. Momma has declared that this year, I AM going. No questions asked. Ok, I'm fine with that. Believe me, it's wasn't my choice NOT to go this year. I just, couldn't. It was either BTI or job, and at that time, I needed the job. Hey, I quit for the Assembly! Anyway...

I'm just wanting to know, who all is planning to attend next year? I know a lot of ya'll already graduated, so, bye! See ya at the Assembly! :P Gracie girl.. you and Paul better be coming! Jackie says she might try. And I don't know who else there really is. Hmmm.

It's sad... so many of "the group" have grown up [sometimes literally] and in some cases, gotten married. Michael has gone and gotten himself a kid! It's scary sometimes. Here I am, 19, and so many of friends.. Karen, who's only 3 months older than me, has been married for, what, a year? Longer? It's just.. wow. I mean, I'm in college now. In fact, as of 11:30 yesterday, I finished my last class of my first semester. Time is going by so quickly. That's one reason why Mom is pushing so hard for me to graduate BTI this next year, because of that, there's no telling where I'll be. I could MARRIED, for crying loud. I don't think I'll have any kids [kind of have to be married for that], but there's no telling what job I'll have, or what school I'll be going to, or where I will be living. It's very scary. I look back on this last year, and so much has changed for me. Even in the last 6 months, so much has happened. And then I look at my plans for the next 6 months, and the next year, and even more things are going to be happening, and changing. I am changing. My next birthday, I'll be 20. I'll be IN my twenties. I will no longer be a teenager. People won't be able to just dismiss me. I'll be older, more mature, and will actually have some form of credibility. Instead of just dreaming, I'll have the power to fulfill my dreams. There's no telling where God will lead me.

It's all so exciting and frightening at the same time.

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The past, the present, and the not-so-distant future

I just realized that I didn't even tell what I did yesterday. I went to my last class of Communications in the morning and then went over to Em's about noon. From there we went to Opry Mills mall and spent the next 3 hours shopping. I am proud to say that I didn't buy a single thing there.. except a pretzel. :) However, Em made out like a bandit and got everything on her list, save one hard-to-find item.

On the way home I swung by the library and put my books in the book-drop. Sometime about 11, Micah surprised me by calling. :) It was good to hear from him, especially considering how long it has been.

You know.. the front door is unlocked. I should probably lock it before the boogie-man gets me! Especially since I'm home alone.

Anyway, I also got to talk to Sister Connie. :) She got on the other phone and we were ganging up on Micah, telling him not to be lazy. haha The Mom and the Girlfriend.. you can't help but pity the poor guy. :P

Today was a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG day at work. But it was.. um.. interesting. I have this friend there, and she was talking to me about going with her to a party. Only, the kind of party she's talking about, not exactly like ones we have at BTI. :P She was telling me about drinking games [she's 19, btw] and dancing on the bar and um.. yeah... I politely declined.

Mom, Dad, and the boys are all gone. :( I have the house all to myself. :) I ate dinner [somewhat] and then laid on the sofa, waiting TV... and eating lots of yummy fruit! The guys always hog the TV most nights [and days if Tyler has the chance], so I never get to watch anything I want to watch, like HGTV and FOOD Network. Why do you think I have so many DVDs? So I can watch them in my room. But now I'm done with TV. I get a really bad headache if I watch TV non-stop for more than 2 or so hours. That's why I always try to be doing something while I'm watching TV, to keeping me active and keep the headache away. But really, I try not to watch too much because 1) it's a waste of time and.. well.. yeah, that's about it. It's for entertainment, but I can find other ways to entertain myself. I have a very good imagination!

So what am I going to do with the remaining two hours left in my day? I'm going to be in bed before midnight because I have to be at work at 8 tomorrow and will have to work until 3. Not a bad shift, but that means waking up at 6:30 at the latest. Very early for a Saturday morning. Not quite as bad as the 4:30 shift a while back, but still painful if you don't get enough sleep.

So I'm going to do my nightly room pickup, maybe jump in the shower, and then study until I fall asleep. Sounds like a plan.

Oh, btw, Micah called tonight. :) Just for a little while.. but still.. it was nice...

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(no subject)

This is the coat I want from Old Navy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It's so me! But $50.. yeah, won't be happening anytime soon. Maybe once it goes on sale some more. It's already down $30, but I wouldn't pay over $30 for it. MAYBE $35, considering how badly I need a brown coat. All I have are my black coats and they're too big. And of course, my pink and gray parka, which I love! But it can only be worn when it's really cold. And it's not quite dressy enough for church and whatnot. This would be.. sigh...

And it looks SO good on me too! Ask Em!

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