December 7th, 2006

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It feels wonderful to be able to sleep a full 8+ hours. :) Especially after so many nights of.. well.. NOT 8 hours. :)

Let's see.. Let's see.... what to do today.. what TO do...

I'm getting ready to type up my history notes from the other day for a girl in my class who wasn't there the day Mr Litaker lectured on the essay question. Yes, I know, I'm so helpful. :P Actually, two of my friends were out. So hey, I can be a good friend and give them a helping hand. ANYWAY.

AFTER school is when the real fun begins. Emily and I are going to Opry Mills to go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! But it's okay.. cause it's CHRISTMAS shopping! That justifies it. :) Em and I haven't gotten to spend time together in ages. Not since she moved into her new apartment, and that time didn't really count because we were lugging around boxes all day long. It's going to be interesting to see if her closet is still organized. I might have to do a quick touch-up.

OH MY GOODNESS! I accidentally exited out of firefox. The screen suddenly went blank, taking my post along with it! Thank the Lord for autosave. :D

It's just NOW 8 o'clock. Normally, I would be leaving now for school. But I don't have class until 10:20! LOVE IT!

It's 24 degrees outside. Or 26. Can't remember which. They forecasted some possible light flurries for this morning. But, looking outside, I don't see soft white frozen molecules floating down from the sky. If only it would rain.. then we would have snow. Isn't that the way it always is in the South? We have rain, but no cold. We have cold, but no rain. We need rain AND cold... at the same time. I don't think Mother Nature has picked up on that yet.....

As far as tonight, I don't know what my plans are. I might stay at Em's and help her and Amy with their project. Or, I might go to the gym [that I haven't gone to all week! SHOCKER!]. Or I might sit by the phone and wait for the boyfriend that I haven't talked to in four days to call [heavy HINT there!]. :P Or I might do one of the two aforementioned combined with latter.

oh my. Choices choices choices.

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