December 3rd, 2006

Good day, good night, good morning!

We were SOOOO busy yesterday. I did a good $4,000 in less than five hours. But that was alright with me because it made the time go by faster. i ended up being placed at the cash register by the electronics department, which meant that I got to watch the big screen tv. :) In-between customers, that is. Today's movie was "Home Alone." ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES! I think I watched it 3 1/2 times while I was there. So cool. Sorry, but I just woke up so I'm not a peak writing performance yet. Yesterday morning, Sears was having an additional 10% off sale. Since I am an employee, I get that sale all day long. Well, they had these skirts that I've been keeping my eye on. LONG blue jean skirts that are regular $38-$44 dollars. I noticed last week that they had been moved to the clearance rack and had been marked down to $14.99. I checked again Friday and they had been reduced to $9.99. AH HA! So, let's figure this up, shall we? $9.99, plus the 10% from earlier, plus my 20% discount... the total came out to just over $15 for both skirts. I got a dark wash and a mud wash. :) LOVE IT. Now I have something other than my knee-length to wear! Always a good thing. And I won't have to worry about my legs getting cold.

Well, I'm going to go jump in the shower before anyone else claims it. I still have so much to tell ya'll, but that will just have to wait. Love you.

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