December 1st, 2006


After my 5-hr nap last night, I stayed up until 1 am and then went to bed. It's now 7:37 and I have been up for exactly 37 minutes. And you know what? I feel GREAT! I've already cleaned up in my room some, replied to emails, taken a shower, gotten dressed, and cruised the blogs. I love productive mornings. :) I have to be at work at 12, but I need to leave the house at 11 so I can stop at Walmart for gas, among other things. I'm almost on empty [eek!], but I knew I could make it until I got to Walmart today. I also want to look at a few "things" for certain "people"... shh... it's Christmas.. no questions. :P Not to mention, I need some new face cleanser and shampoo. I'm out of the one and almost out of the other. Oh, and I'm wanting some colored folders to put my graded work from College in.

Speaking of college... that is my main reason for not sleeping in until 10. Besides the fact that I've had so much sleep in the last 24 hours that I wouldn't be able to sleep until then anyway. :P But besides that... I'm really wanting to work on my two papers that are due Monday. One is the BIG English paper that I've been yapping about for the last 3 weeks. The other, I actually forgot about until yesterday. Oops. But it's okay. It's actually an extra credit paper for History, and Mr Litaker just said to turn it in any time after Thanksgiving. But since we have finals next week [the 12th and the 14th], I'm kind of running out of time. The subject for this paper is the battle for the island of Iwo Jima. Or however you spell it. I guess I kind of need to find out the correct spelling before I actually turn in the paper, eh?

It's 15 min till 8. I'm going to check out a few more blogs and then I'm going to clean my room and get started on school by 8:30. Later!

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I forgot two things. :P

Tonight, Mom and I are going over to Ondra's for Girl's Night. :) Fun and games and snack food. We're going to stop and get a pizza. :D FUN!!!

And then tomorrow, after work, I'm meeting a girl [who's name I can't remember for the life of me. I think it's Rhonda.. I think..] at Panera Bread so I can tutor her for English. I've been giving advice to a lot of the students in class. Early on they came up with the crazy idea that I actually know what I'm doing [crazy, I know] and since then, they ask me to help them with their thesis, or look over their paper, or this or that or whatnot. Well, we have our BIG papers due Tuesday and she wants me to look over it for her and show her what she needs to do. She says she needs at least a "B" on this paper. And.. let's just say.. she hasn't been making "B"s lately. She has a lot of good ideas, but just doesn't know how to get them on the paper. That's where I come in. :)

I like helping people. You know, I wouldn't mind teaching one day. I always thought I would want to teach preschool or at least an elementary grade, but now that I'm in college, I find that I think I wouldn't mind teaching a college class. I know I would have to have a lot more than an associate degree in order to do so, but hey, it's something to think about. I'd want to teach either something in English or something in Communications. I think I could do either.

Oh.. one more thing.. I was smiling within 5 minutes of waking up this morning due to a certain card sent by a certain Eskimo.. and no, it wasn't Zay. :P


HAPPY FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!!! only 24 days until.....


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I had SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!!

We had so much fun tonight! We played Scene It: TV Edition. And Catch Phrase. And we started a game of monopoly but that didn't last long. :P I took a TON of pictures tonight. Yes, I went camera crazy. It felt so good. First time in a long time that my batteries haven't died after the 3rd picture. Gotta love battery chargers that actually work!

Well, I'm tired and I have a busy day tomorrow. I'll upload pics then.

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