November 30th, 2006

Now I'm getting hungry

I still feel really bad, though I do sound much better than I did this morning. But anyway, I just spent the last two hours adding recipes for our upcoming church cookbook. I added 1 under Dad's name, 3 from my aunt, 4 from Sister Sybil, 3 from Mom, and 12 under my own name. I might not actually cook much, but that's not because I don't know how! For your information, I happen to LOVE LOVE LOVE to cook. I love to create things and work on the fly. I never measure when I cook and I love to just feel the recipe, not just follow it. And yet, I actually like to knead dough. :) I don't mind getting my hands dirty. And oh, Bek, I put your Baked Spaghetti recipe in there because I've had it before and it was so good! But don't worry, I put your name on it. :) Of course, that means if anyone gets sick and dies from it, it's going to be all your fault! :P Just kidding! Love ya girl. Kasey, you need to get all your recipes on there! I think the deadline is Monday. Just chopping girl! Err.. typing! We're at.. 86.. I think right now. And we need tons more. Ladies [and men], pull out your cookbooks and send in the recipes! This cookbook is for friends and family of The Church of God. You're reading my blog, so you are my friend. :) Email me or just live the recipe[s] in a comment and be sure to add your name, otherwise I'll post it under my name.

I'm strangely alert right now. Of course, that might have something to do with the 5 hour nap I took earlier. I came home from school and just collapsed! Sears had actually called me and wanted to know if I want to work for 4 hours from 6 to close. Under normal circumstances, I would have. But not feeling the way I was feeling. Kind of sad though. Because it would have put me at 27 hours for the week, and every little bit extra helps. But I'm doing okay right now. At least.. right now.. But that can always change. Hopefully for the better. I actually got my $50 rebate back from Cingular. I had forgotten all about it!!! So... surprise!!

:) Someone call me. I'm lonely.

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