November 27th, 2006

Making Do

I just got done watching a rather corny movie on ABC Family. It had Randy Travis in it. Just so you know, that man can't act worth anything. It had some standard gushy title like "A Holiday to Remember." Goodness.. how generic can you get? I love a good romance story, but sometimes I just have to LAUGH at the titles.

A Father's Love
Her Perfect Match
The Girl Next Door
A Love Worth Waiting For
The Best Gift

I mean COME ON ALREADY! Give me something with a BANG! "Chariots In The Smoke" "The Shadow of His Wings" "Where The Wild Rose Blooms" "Pretense" "The Bluebird and the Sparrow" "Time Enough for Drums". the list goes on and on... A title should have meaning, not just sound good on a cover or make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Most of the gushy titles make me cringe and as Kasey and Lae say, "makes you want to puke." I don't know if it's THAT intense... but almost..

Anyway, back to other, less-gushy, topics. I'm working on schoolwork [though I should already be done by now]. For some reason, I just can't concentrate on school during the day. I do my best work late at night. If I was smart about it, I would sleep all day and stay up all night actually getting things accomplished. Though, in that case, "smart" might be relative.

I did get something accomplished today!!! I turned on Chonda Pierce [the Christian Funny Girl(comedian)] and cleaned my room. AND!!! I cleaned OUT my closet. AND!!! my books. Very proud of myself. I don't have near enough room in my closet, or at least, I didn't before 1 pm. I took one of my wire cube sections from the main area of the room, where I was using it as a bookcase, and moved it to my closet. Now, I have room aplenty [kind of] and everything is organized [sort of]. I moved the remaining cube to the top of my other cube and actually managed to consolidate two shelves into one and threw out a couple of books and a lot of clothes. All my Larges and X-Larges are folded all nice and neat on my trunk. I tried a couple of things on and just had to stare at the mirror in shock. A part of me still couldn't believe that I once wore those sizes. It's just.. wow. Makes me all the more committed to never go back there. Yep, something tells me that I most defiantly will be going to the gym tomorrow.

Mom and I had a good talk while she was making dinner. I spilled my guts to her and she spilled hers to me. I think it so wonderful that Mom and I are as close as we are. She's one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do without her. I'm not looking forward to the day when I will have to leave her. I'll have unlimited long distance, that's for sure.

I've been thinking about the future a lot these past few days. And I can't help but wonder that in spite of all my good intentions, I've unintentionally boxed myself in with all my plans. I'm a organizer. I like things neat and planned. Sure, I can be spontaneous, but I like having a general idea of what's going to happen. I like having plans, but I try to keep them flexible so I can take those last-minute trips and whatnot. But is there such a thing as planning too much? Is planning years into the future, even to the exact day, too much? Am I boxing myself in? Backing myself into a corner? Am I keeping myself from fulfilling other dreams by holding onto one single dream? Life comes at us fast. Things change fast. I don't know where I am going to be in 6 months. I know where I would like to be, but this week has taught me that I have no guarantees. Anything is possible. Anything can happen. And most times, anything does happen. Everything does happen. And sometimes, nothing happens. I have to be able to go with the flow and not be disappointed if things don't turn out exactly the way I plan. Yes, I can get things ready and prepare myself for what might happen and even what I hope will happen, but I need to be prepared for what could happen. And hey, if an opportunity jumps out at me, and I have the means and ability, I shouldn't allow my plans to keep me from experience all the great moments in life. I don't want to miss living because I'm too busy planning how I'm going to live.

wow. Deep thoughts tonight. Ya'll take care and sing a Christmas Carol for me.

"Rockin' around the Christmas Tree..."

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I guess that will have to do

I've written 2 pages of my four page paper due Thursday. I think it's turning out pretty well. I'm going to take what I have so far to Mr. Como tomorrow and have him look over it. I mainly want him to review my outline to make sure my ideas are clear and to make sure I did the bibliography correct. I always seem to be missing a publisher or have underlined the wrong title. I'd rather find out I did something wrong now, than to wait and find out when I get my grade back.

My speech is still kind of rough, but I'll be okay. Even if I do wing it, I'll still get at least an "A" on it. Besides, I am carrying a 98 as it is, and am doing an extra credit project that will take care of those last two points for me. Don't worry, I'm not slacking off. I'm just really concentrating on my English right now. History is okay for the time being. We'll have 3 classes of study and review before finals. Which reminds me, tomorrow will be the first of the only four remaining classes before finals. AHHH! It's sneaking up on me fast.

So that's that and I'm wishing it was 10 am again. I'm finally getting my second wind and my mind is full of things to write, but I'm can't hold my eyes open anymore. I got 10 hours sleep last night/this morning, so you would think that I could stay up tonight. It's not like I've done anything exhausting today. Not unless you counting sitting in front of a computer and reading exhausting. Oh well. I don't need to stay up late anyway.

Why is it that I always get my inspiration late at night? Hmm? I wouldn't mind if it was 8 pm or something like that. But it's midnight and I can't stay up any later. Especially considering I have to wake up in how many hours? Um.. 7? That sounds about right. Though I might try to wake up an extra 30 minutes early so I can work on my assignments a little more before turning them in.

One thing's for sure, come spring, I won't be able to wait until the last minute to do things. I'll have to be one, sometimes two weeks ahead of my schedule 24/7. I tried to do that this semester, but I just couldn't seem to get organized. Now, finally, at the end of the semester, I am getting to be somewhat organized and am actually ahead in some things. At least, ahead for the finals.

Which reminds me! For my final in English, I have to write an in-class essay. What on? Glad you asked. I have to write on: Megan M. Shaw's Solution to World Poverty. Which reminds me... what is my solution to poverty?

Nitey nite.

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