November 25th, 2006

Tired in body, mind, but not in soul!

Sigh.. right now.. if I went to sleep... I bet you wouldn't hear a peep out of me until Wednesday. I am so very tired. Worse yet, I don't have coffee, so I have no way to fight the urge to snuggle up in my warm bed and run away with the Sandman.

I still need to tell ya'll about my After-Thanksgiving-Day Experience. Long story short: got up early, stood in line [my hamstrings hurt, btw], bought some stuff, stood in line again, bought some more stuff, came home and slept, got back up, went to work, came home, went to sleep. Lovely. A turkey sandwich or two somewhere in there, and you basically have my day. How was ya'll's?

Yawn. I have to be at work at 6:30. So yeah.. this better not be like the last early sale we had where no one came in the store for two stinkin' hours!!! I wanna go back to bed!!! [am i whining yet?]

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