November 23rd, 2006

A special layout.. for a special day

Eat, Drink, and be Merry.. for tomorrow we will have gained 5 lbs. Yup I'm already trying to figure out how I can factor in a workout session this weekend. After today, I WILL need it!

I'm scheduled for 23 hours at Sears next week. This week, I was only suppose to work 20 hours, but I have managed to pull 22. There's this girl at work, Katelyn, and she's going to college at MTSU. All her family lives in KY and she only gets to see them every so often. Instead of going home for Thanksgiving, since she has to work early Friday morning, they are all coming here to have thanksgiving with her. The entire time I was at work, she was telling me about all her holiday plans and how excited she was. The only catch? Her family was flying in at 6:30 and she didn't get off until 6. Also, she had about another hour's worth of errands to do. Simply put, she didn't have enough time. As we stood there, I couldn't help but feel bad about her situation. At least I have my family with me, she doesn't. I was scheduled to go home at 4:30, but at 4:15, I had already made my decision. I told her that she could go ahead and go and that I would stay and finish out her shift. You should have seen the smile on her face! I was glad that I was able to do something for someone. It wasn't much, but it made her happy. :) I found out that her father was in the military. Special Ops. He flew planes, but since retiring, has been taking it easy. But he still owns a small private plane that they were flying from KY in. That would be cool, to have your own plane. Which would cost more, I wonder? To drive across the country in a car, fly across on a major airline, or fly across on a private plane?

I'm getting ready to see when the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade starts. That is a LONG standing tradition with me. No one else in the family really cares, but every year, I MUST watch the Parade. For the last couple of years, last 3 to be exact, I have been working and haven't gotten to see it. If that is the case, I always make sure the parents tape it for me. Actually, make sure Mom tapes it for me, since Dad forgets 99.9% of the time. And I make sure to have one of the boys on standby in case Momma pushes a button that she's not suppose to push and doesn't know how to work, which also happens 99.9% of the time. Love you Momma and Daddy. :)

Just a blurp, Daddy's birthday is Monday. Any guesses to how old he is?
{Hey Momma! We could get a turkey cake on sale REAL cheap! :P]

I'm going to go upload pics to ringo in just a bit. And I bought a new battery charger so I'm all set for later today. I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!!

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Im not eating for a week!!!! Make that a month! No, a year!

We just got back from The White House. Yes, we ate thanksgiving dinner there. :P Oh, yeah, the Murfreesboro White House, not the DC White House. Just thought that I would clarify that.

So... anyone have any plans for tomorrow? I don't have to go into work until 12:30, so I'm going to make good use of that and go shopping! Kohls at 5 to get 3 shirts, and then to Old Navy by 7 for 2 vests. Then I'll be good and I can come back home for all of two seconds before I have to turn around and go back to the chaos known as Sears.

LOL! It was SOOOOO funny! We were saying the prayer of the food when all of a sudden I heard " darling if you're wondering why I've got you here tonight, I wanna be your husband, I want you to be my wife..." AHHHHH! It was my cell phone! It hasn't rung for the entire day [nor has it rung since then] and it had to chose THAT moment to ring. I was trying so hard not to bust out laughing. As soon as the prayer was over, I raced to the phone but they had already hung up. Now.. who could it be? Who would be calling at such a time? One guess.. yep... my wonderful boyfriend [who always calls at the most convenient times]. I called him back and he said that while he was calling, he was hoping that he wouldn't be interrupting our prayer. Yeah.. no interrupting at all.

We played SceneIt and lots of Halo and ATV Racing.. oh! And REAL football. I need to work a little on my passing. I used to be pretty good, but since I only play once every 6 months, I've kind of lost my touch.. to say the least...

But all in all.. it was a GREAT day. And now begins the hectic holiday/finals season. Can I push either pause of fast forward please?

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