November 21st, 2006

And now, dear friends, I bid you goodnight

Goodnight.. goodnight.. goodnight!!!

That's the only part I remember from the Sound of Music song. Which one, you ask? The one that has those words. :P I feel nice and accomplished! My communication final notes are ALL DONE! A good 3 weeks early! :) Now I can kick back and relax. At least, for the next 30 seconds I can. Until I look at my schedule book again.

Anyway. My essay is printed out and beautiful and I'll staple it together in the morning. For now, I'm going to sleep before the yawns take control of my body. Night ya'll.

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Do you see this smile? Do you? Cause it's a mile wide, baby!

Who's the man? Huh?.. uh.. er.. um.. who's the woman? That's right! Me! :P

Yup. I was SOOOOO nervous about my schoolwork today. Did you catch the emphasis on the "so"? Yeah, because I was really nervous. I made a "B" on a paper a while back and it's had me on edge since then. I'm a perfectionist and I refuse to accept anything less than absolute perfection. But it was AWESOME today!!! I got back my writing effectiveness test in English and I got a 99!!! He actually marked me wrong for something when I was right, so I took it to him and had him change it. I only missed 1 thing, and that was a dangling modifier. But it's like I told Lae, I always have had trouble with those little boogers. He said that I had gotten the highest grade in both of his classes [he had given out the same test] and that I had completely nailed it! WAHOO! I'm glad, because that style of test is what a large portion of the final is going to be.

As far as finals go, I have my Communications final on the 12th and my History and English finals on the 14th. Wow. I don't have very many classes left at all. Mr Jobe [comm] pointed out today that we only have 4 classes left. No! It's over too quickly. I want my classes back. :( In all actuality, it won't be long until the next semester starts. I think it starts Jan.... um.... 18th? 6 months from my birthday!!! :) My TWENTIETH birthday!! I will no longer be a teenager! :) Sniff.. our little girl is growing up so fast.. sniff...

But in other good news, you know that History research project that I was so nervous about? You know the one. I posted it. Bek was the only one who read it. Yeah.. that one. :P Well I got.. drumroll please... a 95!!! BIG sigh of relief.

Please.. pray for Micah's job situation. If he doesn't get this college job, not only will he be broke, but he won't get to come down here in January! We haven't seen each other since September and we won't get to see each other until May. It's so long, and we need this. My family wants to spend more time with him and frankly, I miss him. Just pray that God's Will be done... and that the college will stop dragging their feet!!!!

ok, ranting over.. you can go back to whatever you were doing..


Why me? Oh why me?

Mom and I spent the better part of an hour selecting my college courses for the Spring semester only to discover that I can't even register. They've put a registration and transcript hold on me due to the fact that they apparently do not have my SAT scores. The only thing is, they DO have them. Mom had called weeks ago and they said that it was all cleared up. Apparently, somebody isn't telling someone something. Argh. And to make matters worse, I have also discovered that, in addition to the two semesters of foreign language that they are forcing me to take, I have to take a semester of visual/performing arts. As though taking piano lessons for seven years, studying sign language for an equal number of years, volunteering in every literary activity known to man, and participating in theater productions weren't enough already...

Sigh.. it's official. TN hates homeschoolers. I feel so loved.

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